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Woman asks if she was wrong to kick out nephew over life-threatening pranks.

Woman asks if she was wrong to kick out nephew over life-threatening pranks.


I (30F) have a sister (39F) who has cancer. She's a single mom of a 16 year old son. We were asked to take him in while she gets treated so we could help him focus on studying and provide a normal routine for him.

My husband has asthma. He needs his inhaler throughout the day. Thing is, my nephew is a prankster. He'd hide the inhaler as a prank then give it back as soon as there's panic in the house. So far he's done it 2 times, and I thought it was just him 'messing around'.

The other day, My husband called me while I was at work panicking saying his inhaler was lost. I asked if my nephew had taken it as a prank, but he doubted it since my nephew has given it back instantly after we panic. I got home and we looked for it for hours and had to go to thd hospital eventually.

When we got home wee found it sitting on the coffee table. My husband and I looked at each other, and next thing we knew my nephew was giggling upstairs. In that moment, I just lost it. I yelled at him then told him he was no longer welcome in my home.

He started panicking and my parents called me to get to the bottom of what happened, but still defended him saying it was a prank and that I took things too far by kicking him out while his mom is struggling. They insisted I take him back but I refused.

Now they're giving me hell about being unsupportive and making things more difficult for my struggling sister. They even blamed my husband for not keeping his 'things locked away'.

AITA. Did I make a hasty decision?


BaronsDad says:

NTA. He did it two times. He knew it was wrong. He did it a third time and laughed. He had no remorse while he watched you search for hours and let you go to the hospital. He's a bully.

stonedngettinboned says:

NTA. i have asthma and if i have an asthma attack i know exactly where i keep all my rescue inhalers. if i were to go into my safe place to get it and it was gone i would freak out. plus you can’t keep an inhaler locked up if you need it multiple times a day? what happens if you struggling to breathe and can’t get the locked safe or whatever open?

Isabelsedai says:

Hmm, why didnt you talk to your nephew and told him after the first time why his pranks are not Funny and he shouldnt do it again ? I feel like you didnt give him any consequences for the first and didnt talk to him at the last. You or your husband should have told him it was really serious and costs a lot of money/time if you have to go to hospital.

slendermanismydad says:

Why isn't he with your parents? Or helping his mother? I'm not saying he needs to be responsible for his entire house or her care but I think 16 is old enough for some reality. And this kid definitely needs some reality in his life.

mouse_attack says:

Forgiveness is fine. In fact, you can forgive him and still send him away — and you should.

DeterminedArrow says:

Pranks are only funny if all people are laughing. Just like jokes are only funny if they don’t hurt one of the involved parties.

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