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Woman kicks sister out after she cusses her out, husband says 'you ruined my time with BIL.'

Woman kicks sister out after she cusses her out, husband says 'you ruined my time with BIL.'


There's no fight like a sibling fight.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for kicking her sister's family out of the house because of her sister's moodiness. She wrote:

"AITA for telling my sister and her family to leave my house after my sister started to curse at me?"

My sister, her husband, and my niece come to my house almost every weekend. This weekend, my daughter had committed to my niece to help her put together a Lego set.

They arrived at our house and when they came in my daughter was playing a game, my niece was eating some dinner they’d brought for her and my sister was eating but also was clearly expressing some anger/frustration with her husband who was in the family room playing video games with my husband. This was the plan all along — for our husbands to play games and my daughter and niece to build Legos.

It was super early in the night (maybe 5:30/6ish) so there was a lot of time for everyone to get to everything because they are usually here until 10:30 or 11 on a weekend. My niece finishes her food and my sister was fussing. I actually said to my husband I may leave and run some errands because I don’t like the energy in here. I packed up the food my niece didn’t finish and put it in a bag for her.

My niece starts to open the Legos. She’s 7 and capable to start this task—- we were letting her do her thing. My daughter was still playing her game. My sister says “Sarah, are you going to get up? Jane is opening everything and she’s ready.” Sarah responded that she was coming in just a bit.

My sister goes in and starts helping my niece and says “well now you need some scissors. I thought the teen almost young adult was going to get up and help you.” This is when I chimed in with, “Sarah doesn’t have to hop up just because Jane is done eating and ready. She will be in in just a minute” and I put the pair of scissors on the table. After about 3-4 minutes Sarah goes in and starts helping.

My sister is on the phone and grumbling about something else and then says “oh Sarah it’s okay I don’t want your mom to think I’m forcing you to come help”.

I respond, “hey that’s not really necessary” and try to explain that I was just saying they both could be patient while Sarah finished what she was doing. My sister cuts me off and I say “listen whatever you’re upset about you don’t need to take it out on me.” She proceeds to start yelling and cursing at me.

Telling me I need to shut the f#$k up and I really need to not take this to another level because she’s already not in the mood and she about to “go there” with me. Without yelling I say, “you need to go. You gotta go home.” She says fine and said “I didn’t want to come over here today anyway.” I didn’t say anything and let them leave.

Later my husband says “you and your sister ruined us (him and my brother-in-law) hanging out.” I asked okay but was I wrong? I don’t think anyone should be able to come in my home and disrupt my peace because they are in a bad mood. My husband responded, “you don’t put family out of your house.” Am I the AH?

Reddit was with OP all the way.

QuesoDelDiablos wrote:

Lady, you married a complete fool. You have all this going on while your useless husband is doing what? Playing Xbox with his BIL? And the only thing he seems to care about is that his play date got interrupted. Not that his wife was disrespected in your own home. So not just a fool, but a coward.

If anybody disrespects you in your own home, they have to get the f#$k out immediately. Also, your sister needs a lesson that your daughter isn’t her f#$king handmaiden. NTA.

KillahKirah wrote:

I want to say NTA but I feel like you are leaving out some context. I think its weird your sister started randomly cussing you out? Seems like such a small thing to send her over the edge of being kicked out of your house for the night.

OP responded:

No detail missing. That’s the play by play. She was upset when she came in.

tosser9212 wrote:

NTA - you're not your sister's counselor; well, you could be, but she wanted to fight and darken the mood, not to talk and work on her shit. When your family is behaving like crap, putting them out makes perfect sense. If you can put out the offender without hurting the rest, all the better, but sometimes that's not possible.

forgetregret1day wrote:

I’m sorry but I honestly had to laugh at your husband’s reaction. He’s mad cause his little friend got sent home and he had no one to play with. Oh come in. NTA. Your sister came in with a big chip on her shoulder for whatever reason and took it out on you and your daughter. You had every right to kick her out. No one disrespects me in my home, family or not.

She had a temper tantrum just like your husband did and I wouldn’t tolerate it either. It’s kind of sad that your husband put his game playing over common sense and your right not to be cursed at, but I’m seeing people so obsessed with video games that they’re reduced to children. Anyway, you’re NTA here and your sister can sit in time out till she’s ready to act like a grown woman and apologize.

OP is NTA here, it was clearly an off day for her sister (which is no excuse).

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