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Woman laughs at sister who is 'shocked' daughter cut her off; gets called 'immature.'

Woman laughs at sister who is 'shocked' daughter cut her off; gets called 'immature.'


Some people simply don't listen to the warnings from others, and then act shocked when they face the consequences of their own actions. If you're one of the people who tried to warn them along the way, it can be straight-up amusing to watch them gasp in shock at the ways life hits them.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for laughing when her niece finally cut off her sister. She wrote:

"AITA for laughing at my sister when her daughter finally cut her off?"

My sister has never been a prize parent. She married rich and had a baby because that's what she was supposed to do. Truthfully she never looked after her own daughter for a single day. Even on things like Christmas she would go to parties and her daughter would celebrate with us (nannies don't work on Christmas).

We all knew her daughter wouldn't have any semblance of a relationship with her. As she got older my sister would talk to her but it was never about things she liked. It was always things like, she'd book a trip to Disney for her birthday. My niece has been terrified of theme parks since she was small. My niece just turned eighteen. She got her inheritance money from her grandpa and is set to start college this year.

My dad drove her up to her college dorm a couple days ago actually. She's doing well. As soon as she got there she sent her parents a text informing them that she was cutting them off and to no longer contact them. No one is surprised - not even her dad. No one besides my sister, apparently. She's been complaining since it happened. She'd incredibly upset.

But we tried to warn her - if you don't start bonding with her she won't care for you and all that. When she finally approached me and explained her feelings and how she 'just didn't understand' I laughed at her. I told her that we'd all warned her and that I, in fact, am incredibly happy for my niece. She went and complained to our mom who is potentially the only one on her side.

She called me immature and said it was the wrong thing to do, I need to apologize - all that. I haven't, but probably will. I thought I'd come and post it to reddit just to see the general public's idea. Whats the point in life if you can't make at least one AITA post, right? Haha. So, am I the AH?

People kept it real in the comments.

According_Ad6364 wrote:

NTA, curious what this apology would sound like. “I’m sorry for not validating the feelings of abandonment you have from the child you abandoned.”

Stardust_Shinah wrote:


Your sister brought it on herself. I'm happy for your niece too.

Constant_Cultural wrote:

She treated her kid like a puppy and is now upset that her daughter is not a stupid puppy who loves her no matter what.

manofthehour25 wrote:

NTA. Sometimes when someone makes terrible decisions like her, such as being a crappy parent, its appropriate to laugh at their idiotic mistakes backfiring on them. Could you have been nicer? Maybe? Would she have deserved that? No.

Sympathy_Main wrote:

NTA - 'I told you so' is a correct answer.

You didn't give her the warnings because you are a bad person. You tried to help her. She had the choice of not listening. She had the choice of not coming to you to complain about the result. She had it coming.

OP isn't TA here, she's simply right and her sister doesn't like that.

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