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Woman refuses to help sister buy Plan B; says, 'She needs to stop being afraid.'

Woman refuses to help sister buy Plan B; says, 'She needs to stop being afraid.'


AITA for not going into the store and buying my sister a plan b because she was too embarrassed

My sister (18f) has social anxiety, and she’s just a very awkward person overall. Yesterday, she asked me to go in the store and buy her a plan b because she was too embarrassed.

Also, they had them locked up, so you had to ask someone who works there to unlock it for you, and my sister gets anxious going up to and talking to people she doesn’t know. I told her she had to go in and get it herself.

She got mad at me and said I was being a bad sister because she asked for a simple request, and I should've done it, knowing she has social anxiety.

I get where she’s coming from, but I also feel like she needs to stop being afraid and learn to talk to people, even if she’s embarrassed. She also would’ve done it if I wasn’t there. AITA?

Q&A with OP:

RoRoRoYourGoat asks:

INFO: Did she actually get the Plan B, or did you guys leave without it?

THROWAWAY3663caf OP says:

Yes, she actually got it.

NotCleverEnufToRedit adds:

Glad to hear it. I agree with you that I wouldn’t have done it for her, but I’d have offered to go inside with her while she asked for what she needed. Perhaps feeling like she wasn’t alone would’ve helped her.

CaptainReptillian asks:

Is her social anxiety diagnosed by a professional or is it diagnosed by Dr Tiktok?

THROWAWAY3663caf OP says:

Yes it diagnosed by a professional , she’s also in therapy for it.

Acidbadger judges and asks:

Oh, nice. So she's already in treatment and dealing with her problem, but to you 'I feel like she needs to overcome her anxiety and learn how to talk to people' means not helping her out when she's in need?

YTA, massively. Did she get the plan B in the end? Or did you succeed in your powerplay?

THROWAWAY3663caf OP says:

Powerplay? Lol. Yes, I already said in another comment that she did get it.

Here's how people judged OP:


If your sister feels mature enough to decide to have sex, she must be mature enough to face people and buy Plan B, birth control, or condoms. So does her partner.

meowingtonflash writes:

Social anxiety isn't about maturity it's a mental illness. It's like a social phobia. We don't really have any insight to how bad it is. It could be a little anxious or it could be to the point of a panic attack.

AITAautomaticanswer writes:

This is dangerously stupid. You make this challenges when your sister has to buy a coffee in Starbucks, not when her life is about to be completely ruined. This seems more like a cruel power play than a helpful lesson. Do you get off watching your sister nuke her life because of her mental health? YTA

intripletime writes:

Time and a place for a lesson, IMHO. This isn't really one of them. There will be plenty of opportunities for trying to help her become a little more proactive about important stuff in the future. For now, I'd just make the purchase and call it a day.

OhioPolitiTHIC writes:

YTA. A complete stranger could ask me for help to buy plan b and I'd do it. They wouldn't have needed to give me reason.

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