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Woman catches stepsister pocketing her money, tells stepdad, they find more in her room.

Woman catches stepsister pocketing her money, tells stepdad, they find more in her room.


We all know the phrase "snitches get stitches."

Even with siblings, it's often agreed that you're not supposed to tell on them to your parents - that is, unless they really did you dirty. In that case, the gloves are off and the consequences are on.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for telling her stepfather that her stepsister stole from her. She wrote:

"AITA for telling my stepfather my stepsister stole from me?"

I provide rides to my stepsister, Rita (16), to school. I am 23F, work, and go to school online. I pay some rent and help out with utilities and food costs. I have my own room with a bathroom and lock. I don't usually lock the door, because I trusted my family not to take my s#$t. Yesterday, I made a stop at the gas station. My card declined, so I went into my glovebox to get my emergency cash.

It was missing and I saw it there earlier, when I put my vape in there. Rita was in the car. I told her if she did not give me back the vape and cash, I was telling the cop parked nearby what she did. She returned the items and freaked out. I told her I was going to drop her off at school then talk to my step-dad about this. I also said this was the LAST ride she was getting from me.

She was ugly crying by the time I dropped her off. She said she had plans for Halloween and she needed money for the costume. I told her I didn't care. I said she was done st#@ling s#$t from me and she needed to find her own ride from now on. Which means she will have to quit her club, because no one else can take her. We live pretty far away, so she will have to take the bus.

I told my step-dad when I got home what Rita did. Richard ended up going through her room. He went through every inch of it and found a bunch of stuff I thought I lost. Clothing, make-up, decorations. He pretty much stripped the room of everything, minus her bed and clothes. Even then he asked my mom to see what belonged to her.

Rita had taken a lot of things from my Mom and myself and we took it back. Rita was told she is getting a job to pay back what she took (about a thousand in make-up) and she is not going anywhere anytime soon. No Halloween, no prom, nothing. Am I the A-hole (AITA)?

The internet had plenty to say.

theitguy1968 wrote:


And well done your Step Dad for doing the right thing rather than protecting his little angel. A few months waiting tables will do her good.

frostedtim wrote:

NTA. Why would you even think so? She burned your relationship by stealing from you. Her losing a ride is a fairly light consequence if you ask me. And no prom? That was never your problem. It was always hers. If she isnt grounded, she can make other arrangements.

MundanePlanet wrote:

This is legit just how teens learn, and they learn a lot through punishment. One of those is that their motivations are often petty and meaningless compared to the offense they've committed, and the other is that other people have lives that don't revolve around catering to them.

Your step-sis decided stealing from you was justified because she had personal "needs" and now she's learning the hard way that not only was she not justified, but that there will be consequences for it. She really needs to know she's getting off easy here, because in future a judge will lambast her and give her legal consequences. NTA.

Echo-Azure wrote:

Team Step-Dad here!

Because too many parents would go into denial or feel they had to defend their kid, even when they were wrong. This guy is actually making the girl face the consequences of her actions, like a good parent.

OP is NTA here, Rita had to learn.

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