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Woman asks if she was wrong to tell 'gossipy' MIL the wrong baby name.

Woman asks if she was wrong to tell 'gossipy' MIL the wrong baby name.


Do you have a parent who loves to share every single detail of their (and your) life all over social media? If so, you'll definitely be able to relate to this story.

Reddit user u/loawren and her fiancé are expecting a baby girl. They've already picked the perfect name for their new little bundle of joy, but didn't want to announce it until after the baby's birth. Knowing her MIL couldn't keep a secret, this mom-to-be gave her the wrong baby name.

Now, she's is asking the internet, 'AITA (Am I The A**hole) for deliberately telling my MIL the wrong name of our baby?'

She writes:

I 23F and my fiancé 25M are expecting a baby girl next month, we’re really excited as this is our first child and we’ve been trying to prepare for parenthood. A lot of our family have been helping us with baby stuff and giving us general advice, they’re also really super excited for her! Especially my FMIL.

She’s a very stubborn person and hasn’t really accepted me as a part of the family yet, she always tells my fiancé how he could do so much better than me and that he’s fallen into the trap of having “my” child. It’s hurt me a lot and my fiancé has had a talk to her about it but she still hasn’t apologised or anything so I just tend to ignore it now.

She’s also one of them mums who posts every little detail of their life to Facebook like when my fiancé proposed she was straight to Facebook before we could announce it ourselves.

Recently me and my fiancé have been coming up with names for our little girl and we both decided on the perfect name. A few days ago on a phone call my fiancé accidentally slips up by telling my FMIL that we’ve chosen a name.

She’s been non-stop messaging us and calling us to find out the name, we don’t want to tell her until the baby is born so that it doesn’t ruin the surprise and the whole of Facebook finds out before we are comfortable telling everyone.

She tried guilt tripping my fiancé by telling him how he’s hurting her by not telling his own mother the name of her grandchild, that he doesn’t love him and that we (especially me) are gonna try and keep her from seeing the baby. I’m not sure why she would think that as nothing we have said has suggested it.

To stop her from getting on my fiancé’s back I wrote a message saying that if she wants to know she can’t post it on Facebook, she agreed and I told her a fake name. 5 minutes later into checking FB.“I can’t believe I’m going to be a granny to baby Charlotte next month. So proud of (fiancé’s name) and his partner!”

My fiancé was furious and called her and told her that she was wrong to announce it. She said that she was so overjoyed by it that she couldn’t resist. He told her how that wasn’t even the name and that we aren’t gonna tell her until she’s born and hung up.

It's been a few days and my fiancé has been getting texts from her saying that she didn’t mean it and that I’m the AH for telling her the wrong name. Her words were “Who even tells their FMIL the wrong name of their grandchild?” AITA?

This is pretty damn hilarious. They knew she was going to spill the beans about the baby's name and a mere 5 minutes later she did... all over Facebook. Their little privacy test failed spectacularly.

Reddit users were all in agreement that this mom-to-be is not 'The A**hole' for tricking her oversharing mother-in-law with the fake baby name. Maybe after this little embarrassment, she will think twice about spreading other people's news all over social media.

From -siris99

NTA. Who gives the wrong name? Someone who knew she was going to do exactly what she did.

From YoshiPikachu

Exactly this. I actually think it’s funny that you did that. Hopefully, it will teach her a lesson. NTA.

From mini_mimi_mouse

NTA.... May I suggest 'forgetting' to tell her about the birth until you've gotten out of the hospital and are ready to announce it yourself and have visitors?

From Jaszuna

NTA - New rule, your MIL is the last person to know anything. You go into labor. Tell no one. Have your baby in peace. When you do decide to tell people after baby is born. She is last.

If you don't do this she is going to announce all over FB when you're in labor, how many centimeters your dilated and then she will announce the name weight, and time of your child's birth.

From Own-Tradition6295

👏N👏T👏A👏 This is hilarious, nice work OP.

From sarita_sy07

She 'didn't mean to!!!' Yeah, she just tripped and fell on the keyboard. WHO COULD HAVE POSSIBLY PREDICTED SUCH A THING??? NTA

From Major_Barnacle_2212

NTA. Act like a child, get treated like a child. Excited to see which “baby” in the family requires more attention after you give birth! Well played, by the way.

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