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Woman sells cakes using grandma's 'secret' recipe; cousin demands copy. Updated!

Woman sells cakes using grandma's 'secret' recipe; cousin demands copy. Updated!


'AITA for 'selling out' on my Grandma's secret recipe?'

My Grandma was a wonderful baker, and had a secret cake recipe that she had created herself. It used some very uncommon spice combinations in the cake and frosting that produced a very unique but delicious cake.

When she got sick a couple years ago, she decided to share the recipe so that it wouldn't die with her, and offered to give it to any of her kids or grandkids who wanted it. I was the only one who asked for it before she died. I don't know why no one else did, as there were several other bakers in the family.

After she passed, I took over bringing the cake to family gatherings, and everyone was happy to still be able to enjoy it. I also started making cakes for friends & family, and then for others by word of mouth to make some extra cash on the side. My business was really starting to pick up.

My cousin, 'Jane' recently found out that Grandma's recipe was one of my best sellers, and said that I had no right to sell out Grandma's recipe, especially after keeping it all to myself. She had asked for it late last year, but I said no. I told her that she had the chance to get it from Grandma before she died, and didn't seem to care enough to bother then.

Since Jane had lost her job she had decided to try selling cakes too, which I think is why she had asked for the recipe. Unfortunately for her, its not going well. The reviews on her cakes have not been good, and no one has been recommending her.

Jane is a good cook, but NOT a good baker. he doesn't follow measurements properly, and instead does everything 'to taste', which works for cooking, but not baking

Jane is demanding that I either stop selling Grandma's cake, or teach her the recipe so she can too. I refused, and said she was a hypocrite for wanting to sell the cake herself after getting angry at me for doing so.

When she gave me the recipe, Grandma said that her biggest regret was never opening a bakery like she had dreamed (my ultimate dream now too!). I think she'd love so many people enjoying her cake! AITA?

Comments from the original post:

AlwaysBetOnRead writes:

ESH If grandma would love so many people enjoying her cake, do you think she'd appreciate the family drama it's started?

TheoryAddict writes:

NTA. She wants to do what you are doing and you are right, she had the chance to get the recipe herself but she obviously didn't care to.

Update from OP:

Firstly, I opened my bakery! I found a great spot near my city's office park/main commuter route to the Big City of a caterer/takeout deli that closed. We've been open since June, and business has been great with all the morning/evening traffic, and the lunch crowd from the business park.

We sell cakes, pastries, breads, buns, etc. Typical bakery stuff. I also have a cook who comes in for a few hours in the morning to do eggs & stuff for breakfast sandwiches/wraps for the office folks.

A few weeks after I opened Jane stopped by. She apologized and confirmed what I and others had suspected, she only cared about the cake recipe because she was jealous of my success with my custom cake business.

So when I suddenly started doing so well, she thought she could do the same but didn't know how to start her own catering business. I apologized too for not wanting to share the recipe, but I was afraid that she would ruin my business by putting out bad cakes and no one would want to buy mine either.

I then offered to have her come in 3 days a week to offer a soup/stew of the day during the lunch rush. I had the extra kitchen space for it, and soups/stews really do suit her style of cooking to taste. She loved the idea and they were an instant hit.

She had complete freedom to create whatever 2 kinds of soup she wanted each day, just adding things on a whim, and they were always delicious. They got very popular quickly with the office folks, since there aren't many other take out options nearby without driving about an extra 5-10 minutes out besides two fast food burger places.

We soon expanded to her coming in every weekday. She's tried her hand at baking a time or two again, and has declared she just doesn't have the patience for it, and hasn't asked for the recipe again (nor has any other family).

Comments from the update:

Myobright2344 writes:

What a great birthday! Congratulations! Is there an acronym for “everybody wins?”

MightBeneficial writes:

Lol. First I was like 'jeez, what a jerK' then I was like 'ooohhhh'

EmeraldBlueZen writes:

YAY - another heartwarming update!! I love seeing these on AITA. I'm SO happy that you and cousin Jane were able to work together to create a truly successful business. I'm so happy for you both! CONGRATS!!!

ForTheLoveOfGiraffe writes:

Great update and I'm glad you managed to find a great solution with Jane! Your grandma would be really proud of you both living your dream and fulfilling her dream for a bakery :)

bigdramashow writes:

Communication and compromise, a breath of fresh air!

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