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Woman yells at BF's family for swimming drunk; is told 'you're never invited again.'

Woman yells at BF's family for swimming drunk; is told 'you're never invited again.'


'AITA for being drunk on vacation?'

Last weekend, I went camping with seven other people. We went to a campground that allows alcohol and has a natural spring. We brought a lot of beer, liquor and hard cider. We drank a lot at our campsite and generally unwound from the work week. After that, we went swimming.

My cousin's girlfriend tried to stop up from going swimming. She said it wasn't safe to swim while drunk. We assured her that we had done so before and were aware that it was riskier than swimming sober. We told her she didn't have to come. She did come and stood by the side the entire time, yelling at us to get out of the water. It was incredibly obnoxious and somewhat dampened the party atmosphere.

When the camping trip was over and we were headed back my sister snapped at her 'in case it isn't obvious, you're never invited to come on a family trip again, ever.' Cousin's girlfriend got really upset. She said she was scared that something would happen to us, that we would die. I told her that would have been our responsibility, not hers, and she can't control what other people do.

My sister added that driving to and from the campsite on the country's deadliest highway was the most dangerous thing we did all weekend, but she didn't say a word about that, she just wanted to feel morally superior. I cut her off and said we just all have different beliefs and it's fine, so we shouldn't vacation together.

Cousin's girlfriend has since reached out to me and tried to make me understand her point of view. I said it's water under the bridge, but she wants me to see her point of view. She said she had a moral obligation to prevent us from drinking and swimming. I said she didn't and I don't want to talk about it anymore.

Things ended up getting heated, and she said she should have known better than to expect more from wh**e tr*sh a**holes. I ended up blocking her number. I know my cousin really likes this girl, and I tried to get along with her, but I could only go so far. AITA for not letting her ruin our camping trip?

Q&A with OP:

FrogMintTea asks:

Do u know if u guys all drowned she would get in trouble if she didn't try to save u?

DrinkingOnVacation OP responded:

That's not true. Only certain professions have such an obligation. Seinfeld isn't real life. And even if she was a first responder (which she isn't) she still wouldn't have been obligated because she was impaired.

3Dog_Nitz asks:

INFO: If your sister had died while y'all were swimming drunk together, would you have been OK with that?

DrinkingOnVacation OP responded:

No, but that would have been my responsibility to carry that on my soul, not hers.

3Dog_Nitz asks:

How old were the people in the group?

DrinkingOnVacation OP responded:

My sister is 24. I'm 27. Our cousin is 25. My sister was the youngest person there, and the oldest was 29.

psatty says:

YTA. You were admittedly drunk and she was sober. She was the much better judge of your ability to swim in your condition. And your attitude that one of you dying would be none of her concern speaks volumes about what a PITA you and your sister were, if that’s what you think even when sober.

You should have apologized for stressing her out with your drunken antics, not doubled down. But you’re right that you should not all camp together again.

DrinkingOnVacation OP responded:

She wasn't sober. We all drank. She just didn't swim. Which is 100% her choice and very reasonable. We just made a different choice.

screamlastsummer says:

YTA and need to grow up. While the campground allowed alcohol I’m sure they don’t want rowdy drunk people doing dangerous things. I’m sure if a ranger found you drunk un the water you all would have been kicked out. Luckily none of you ended up dead.

DrinkingOnVacation OP responded:

There is no rule against being in the water while intoxicated. I'm not sure what you mean about a ranger. This is a private campground, not a state park.

Sunny_Hill_1 says:

There might not be a rule, but there is also no rule not to jump over a bonfire while intoxicated, most people just know that to do so is dangerous. She was right in her sentiment, if not in her delivery.

DrinkingOnVacation OP responded:

Sure, but the original commentor implied that we were breaking campsite rules and/or culture, which is inaccurate.

Comprehensive-Sea-63 asked:

Info did you have life jackets? We float the river pretty often and will usually bring beer in a floating cooler, but we make sure everyone has a life jacket on if we’re combining alcohol with water. That’s the SOP for most people I know who float the river, etc with alcohol.

DrinkingOnVacation OP responded::

We never use personal floatation devices (lifejacket is an inaccurate term) unless we are on a boat (and even then, only when legally mandated). We're a very anti life jacket family. People feel safer than they actually are when wearing a life jacket.

adwife2 writes:

I find it absurd that there seems to be no mention of the cousin and every mention of the cousins girlfriend. Where was the cousin in all this?

DrinkingOnVacation OP responded:

He always says 'when women are fighting, I shut my mouth.' He didn't say anything.

DrinkingOnVacation OP added:

We're in Florida. Drinking and swimming, as long as you are not falling down drunk, is a state-beloved past time. Maybe landlocked states feel differently, because they mostly swim in pools? That's my best guess.

Ok_Stable7501 jumped in:

I am in Florida and I second this. What’s next? Is the GF gonna tell you no beer on fishing trips?

DrinkingOnVacation OP responded:

Or not to snorkel with sharks? At a certain point, Florida gonna Florida.

Here's how people judged OP:

xoxogossipsquirrell writes:

Aren’t we supposed to take care of our people? Imagine if no one said anything and they got hurt. Then, everyone would be calling the cousin the AH for not intervening and watching out for them.

SandBrilliant2675 writes:

YTA and your sister is the AH. Your family sounds absolutely awful to be around. I would feel truly privileged to be uninvited for all your future family vacays.

FitIntroduction4615 writes:

Honestly? YTA. This girl literally tried to prevent you guys from doing something that could end up in you dying, and you call her obnoxious?

polishbabe1023 writes:

Your sister is a major YTA. You guys were engaged in dangerous behavior and she tried to warn you. It feels like stupid group dynamics that bully the only smart normal person.

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