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Woman's religious husband can't be alone with her sister; she's a 'stranger woman.'

Woman's religious husband can't be alone with her sister; she's a 'stranger woman.'


'AITA for cutting visit short after my sister woke me up from nap so I won't stay in house alone with her husband?'

My (22F) sister (36F) has been inviting me to visit her ever since she got married and settled. I finally have some stability with my job now and took my three-week vacation.

When I just got there, I was really tired and just wanted to sleep but my sister said she needed to get some groceries and since her husband is a muslim and wouldn't want to stay home alone with a stranger woman, I had to go with her. I was like, okay your house your rules, and I've been going out with her whenever she went out the past two weeks.

The conflict is that I was taking a nap, like a really needed nap, and my sister woke me up saying that she needed to pick up nephew from daycare. I was confused and told her that would literally take her five minutes because it's right next door and she insisted that I needed to go with her.

I was cranky from being woken up and yelled at her what her deal was and that there's no way this is just about her husband being a muslim or whatever. I told her she either didn't trust her husband or didn't trust me to an unhealthy degree and she shouldn't have invited me over in either case.

She said to keep my voice down and whether I wanted her husband to hear us on purpose and I told her don't worry your husband won't get to hear or see me because I'm going f**king home. She started to apologize at that point and said she was stuck between a rock and a hard place but I was really upset and packed up and got on the train.

Now that I've calmed down a little I feel like I might have overreacted and she was honest since day one about no staying home alone with her husband, no matter why she set that rule. Ugh this sucks. AITA?

Here's how people judged OP:

Alpacaliondingo writes:

Info: Is this standard practice for muslims? Can anyone else who is muslim chime in on this?

Successful-Divide417 OP responded:

I'm not sure but I think it shouldn't matter if this is standard practice for ALL muslims. What matters is that yes this is how it is for her husband.

Traveling-Techie writes:

INFO: were you warned about this situation before you arrived?

Successful-Divide417 OP responded:

No, after I arrived on the first day.

PreviousWerewolf1398 writes:

NTA. You are the guest in their house, why can't the husband leave to avoid this issue? If they knew this would be a hindrance, why invite you to stay in their home instead of at a hotel where it wouldn't be a problem? I don't blame you for leaving and they should be ashamed of themselves for being completely inhospitable to you.

KSknitter writes:

If husband is home, why can't he pick up the kid? I mean, is he so incapable that he can't? Is he such a predator that he can't be allowed alone with his own child? (I say that because obviously he can't be allowed alone with his own sister by law, so he must be something special...)

Thick-Mousse-2561 writes:

My husband is a Muslim too and I’ve left my sister whenever she came to visit alone with him. Something dodgy is going on

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