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Woman calls out dad's 'fragile masculinity' after he says women shouldn't have body hair.

Woman calls out dad's 'fragile masculinity' after he says women shouldn't have body hair.


Nothing hurts a fragile person's feelings more than pointing out their fragility.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a woman asked if she was wrong for calling out her dad on his masculinity. She wrote:

"AITA for implying my dad has fragile masculinity?"

Okay so recently I went on a family trip and my dad accidentally walked in on me while I was waxing my armpits. I was wearing a tank top but I still wanted a bit of privacy. He quickly closed the door and apologized. About fifteen minutes after I came out of the restroom, he randomly asked how I managed to remove the hair with only one strip.

I thought it was a silly question but I told him that the wax I used was very powerful and I didn’t have a lot of hair to remove. He then proceeded to say that women should always remove their body hair because he believes women having body hair (which naturally occurs, how shocking) is “unhygienic” and “unnatural”. That was the stupidest comment I ever heard.

He made me feel so gross and ashamed for it at first, but body hair is natural and it’s okay to have it. I replied saying that it’s okay to have preferences, but it’s rude to say body hair is unnatural and unhygienic when everyone has it. I also said that real men don’t shame women for a little bit of body hair (or any amount for that matter).

He took this personal and really thought I was saying he wasn’t “a real man” and how I was shaming him for having a “preference.” Preferences are fine. Calling people gross, unhygienic, and unnatural for having body hair is NOT okay. Now he’s upset at me and said he couldn’t believe I would question his masculinity (I did not).

How does he expect to say something so ridiculous and not get called out for it? I understand that what I said in response might have offended him, so I apologized for upsetting him. However, I didn’t apologize for what I said prior because I’m tired of men (especially my own dad) telling women what they should or shouldn’t do with their own body. It really hurt my feelings.

The internet was fully with OP.

dutchy81 wrote:

NTA, making a comment about body hair towards your daughter is highly inappropriate, and you were right to put him in his place.

JoWaDe wrote:

NTA get him his own wax kit if he thinks body hair is so unhygienic.

The_Bad_Agent wrote:

NTA and more guys need to hear that.

MisterFitzer wrote:

NTA. His comment was ignorant, rude, and entirely out of line, and he overreacted to your response. He shouldn't say this to (or about) anyone, but to say it to his own daughter make it all even worse. I'm sorry you experienced that.

JohannasGarden wrote:

NTA, and you also didn't question his masculinity. On top of that, you also apologized. Plus, if you quoted him accurately, he said that it was "unnatural" for woman to not alter their natural state. He is also incorrect about it being "unhygienic", as you know, that's utter BS.

And the idea that it could be unhygienic for women, who have less body hair, to allow their body hair to remain that it is for men, just makes no sense. It's icky to have a parent say s#$t like that.

OP is clearly NTA, her dad was way out of line and deserved to be called out.

Sources: Reddit
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