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Thong jeans are real and Twitter is trying to make sense of it all.

Thong jeans are real and Twitter is trying to make sense of it all.


These jeans will provide you with the ultimate ventilation.

As reported by Yahoo! Style, new fashion designer Thibaut made a splash at Tokyo's Amazon Fashion Week with... thong jeans.

Thong jeans are your typical pair of jeans–except they are missing everything besides the waistband and the seams. The garment leaves the tush completely exposed–so this definitely isn't a good look if you're planning to sit down anywhere in public. Or if you're planning to go out in public at all.

The thong jeans, also labeled "jongs" by a few Twitter users, were paired with a nude bodysuit, thick-rimmed glasses, and New Balance sneakers straight out of your dad's closet.


Unsurprisingly, the people of Twitter had a lot to say about thong jeans.


Thong jeans are not the first update on the classic jeans we've seen this year. There have also been clear knee jeans, detachable jeans, pre-dirtied jeans, double jeans, and jeans with a zipper down the butt.

Congrats to jeans on becoming the most versatile article of clothing of 2017. But let's all pray that regular jeans stay a thing forever.

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