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Woman wears visible thong to show house guest how it feels to see her 'whale tailing.'

Woman wears visible thong to show house guest how it feels to see her 'whale tailing.'


Sometimes you have to get a bit theatrical to prove a point.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a mom asked if she was wrong for trying to show her house guest how it feels when she's constantly whale tailing. She wrote:

"AITA for trying to show my houseguest how it feels when she's constantly whale tailing?"

Okay, so I'm a stay at home mom, 36. We thought it would be a nice experience to host an exchange student, so a person from Argentina has been staying with us. For the most part, things have gone great.

She's in her sophomore year at a university nearby, and so she usually gets back from classes around the time my sons get home from school and we'll have dinner together, maybe do some tourism stuff on the weekends. There's just one problem. One very awkward problem. For whatever reason, she doesn't seem to wear pants that fit her.

That's the polite way of saying that her thong is always hanging out. I'm talking like Manny Santos levels of whale tail going on. I had no idea that it was back in trend, I had thought I had left those treacherous days behind me, but apparently it's back with a vengeance. And just to be clear, I don't mean that her underwear is visible every once in a while when she bends over.

I mean that her thong is right there, every time we get dinner in a restaraunt, or go golfing, or meet friends. This places me in a pretty awkward position. she's 18, and she's not my kid, and it's against my general moral compass to tell other adults how to dress. However, I'm awfully tired of looking at a random person's bum floss in my own home.

I did try talking with her about it, but she brushes it off as if it was just an accident. 10 of 15 minutes later, I see her casually lift the band of her underwear so that it's back to being above her pants. So, here's what I did about it. I needed to go run some errands and give her a ride to the the post office. Only, as soon as we arrived at the grocery store, her eyes went wide when I stepped out of the car.

In the back of my drawer, I had found the loudest most bedazzled thong that I owned, and was wearing it a proud several inches above my own pants. I knew that the best way to make it uncool would be to adopt it myself. I could see her dying inside, but I pretended not to notice and told her how seeing her thong made me remember back to the 90s, how it was so cute and I was inspired to try it again.

How fun it would be to whale tail together etc etc. Needless to say, she didn't say very much for the rest of the evening. If her thong wasn't out of her pants, I would act pouty and tell her that it would be fun if we were matching. Since then, she's been really stand offish with me, to the point that other family members have noticed (nobody but me knows about my little prank).

It's making me start to wonder if perhaps it was too far. AITA?

Redditors had a lot of thoughts about the fashion dilemma.

Ok-Error-6564 wrote:

NTA. You mentioned it to her, she said it was an accident and then purposely continued. I LOVE your creativity and humor.

princessunicorn28 wrote:

NTA! You’re literally a genius! She’s 18 and just showing some attitude, ignore it. 😂😂😂😂😂😂

StAlvis wrote:

"I'm talking like Manny Santos levels of whale tail going on"

We can be friends. NAH.

whalesarecool20013 wrote:

LOL NTA. In my opinion that is hilarious, listen, I am 22 and I partake in this trend as well because yeah I think it's hot. HOWEVER, if I am staying at someone else's home who has said something to me about it before I feel like it is just common decency and respectful to just not do it if it is clearly making you uncomfortable.

You doing it back is hilarious to me and honestly had like my step mom do something like that I would just never do it again in front of her again because I would most likely catch onto the reasoning behind you doing so. Not the asshole at all in my opinion, if she can't take that joke then thats on her...I understand there could be a bit of a language/culture barrier but to me it's funny so who cares...

If she clearly continues then I would say sorry but you'll just need to suck it up. Like you said yourself, you can't really tell a 18 year old how to dress. Yeah it could be embarrassing on your end to family and friends but she's also an exchange student so everyone apart of your life will understand that you don't have control over someone else's actions especially one that is not related to you.

OP is NTA here, she's just a creative problem solver.

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