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'AITA for insisting my sister gets a prenup against her wishes?' UPDATED

'AITA for insisting my sister gets a prenup against her wishes?' UPDATED


"AITA for insisting my sister gets a prenuptial agreement?"

Here's the original post:

My sister and I property investors who own 6 investment properties together. I know how the Internet feels about evil landlords, so spare me that please that's not why I'm here. We started with 1 house to live in then bought lots of cheap houses and flipped them for rental income. We're doing well financially bc of said houses.

My sister is getting married. Wedding is later this year, pandemonium dependent. Im helping her plan and we were going through a to do list, seeing what's left to be done. She mentioned caterers, venue, invites etc and asked if she'd forgotten anything. I said yes - prenup and we both sang "we want prenup yeahh" like the Kanye song then laughed.

She moved on to the next item without actually addressing it. I leave it for then and we go our separate ways. I text her later in the evening "hey, my friend used a really good lawyer to draw her prenup so lmk if you want me to ask for her deets". She replies she thought I was joking, she's not asking her husband to sign a prenup. I reply I wasn't joking, and I must insist he signs one.

She calls and says its not my place to insist. I say it is when our assets our tied together. She asks me if I'm trying to say something about her FH. I say I'm trying to be realistic and smart then it all goes to hell. She starts yelling at me about being rude, jinxing her marriage before it began yadayadayada.

I say either she gets a prenup or we transfer all property to my name and I get one if I ever get married then I hang up. Been bombarded by family saying her FH is a good guy who would "never do that" if they separated. He sent me a text admonishing me for hurting my sister and calling him a gold digger: he thought I liked him. Im not backing down on this. Aita for how I went about it or wanting one?

Tldr: my sister is getting married. We are property investor and I want her to get a prenup to protect our assets. She doesn't so im (trying) forcing her to.

What do you think? This is what top commenters had to say:

kmatts said:

NAH but have you seen a lawyer about your options though? Surely there's some agreement you and your sister could sign that would at least protect your half of things. You're not the first person whose business partner has gotten married

GlaxenFlux said:

If you want to be smart with your business, be smart with your business, a prenup for someone else's marriage isn't necessary. Talk to a business lawyer about getting paperwork written up that states that if she gets divorced, your portion of the profits doesn't get touched or however it needs to be worded to protect the business.

Make sure you have the proper protections in place for your business instead of demanding your sister do something that's not your decision. YTA

drputypfifeanddrum said:

How do you run a real estate business and not have an attorney or any kind of legal documentation spelling out, well all the legal stuff you need to run a business? That’s freaking nuts!

SnooDoughnuts2846 said:

NTA it isn't even about the husband. What of your sister and her husband get into an accident and he dies 1 minute later than she does? Then your sisters share company can go to his parents if legislation works like that in your country. Its situations like this that will be addressed in a prenup. They are very necessary and exist for a reason

fuzzy_mic said:

YTA - If your assets are not protected from folly from her part of the business then you haven't done your personal due diligence. Your arrangement with your sister should be structured such that you are protected no matter who owns or is controlling her share.

And dogmomwithink said:

As someone who’s been divorcing people for over 12 years, NTA. I would, like others have said, talk to an attorney to figure out all the possible circumstances. Consult with one that knows what they’re doing, and do research on them.

Six weeks after her original post, she shared this update:

It's been about 6 weeks since everything went down. I need to clarify a few things

- I can't afford to buy her out, so that's not an option. She also doesn't want to sell because are longterm investments for us

- It wasn't a case of we each own 50/50 in the properties. Between us, we know thats the case. However, legally sometimes I own 75% to her 25% and vice versa because of our financial standing at the time we purchased the properties. I would stand to lose a lot of her marriage went south because some of the more expensive properties, she holds more equity in.

The properties that have been paid off, we've been able to change the deeds but those still mortgaged are that way at the bank's insistence. We have transferred all the properties into a trust. It is a legal protection that outlines how everything is split, including clarifications on who owns how how much. It says that spouses are not entitled to anything related to the houses.

We've also decided to end our business ventures together: we'll keep managing the properties but we won't buy anymore together for the sake of the relationship. We're doing ok, still not as it were but that is to be expected I guess. Her husband to be is still withdrawn around me but honestly idc. Their wedding is going ahead as planned later this year hopefully.

Thanks to all who offered advice. The laws in my country are a little different but we found a solution. Update over - short and sweet.

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