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18 people share things people 'flex' about that they absolutely shouldn't.

18 people share things people 'flex' about that they absolutely shouldn't.


People will be proud of something they do and may brag about it a bit. Bragging isn't necessarily bad (as long as it's not done to make others feel bad), and people should be proud of their accomplishments. There are some things that people really shouldn't be bragging about.

On a popular Reddit thread in the AskReddit Subreddit, people share some of the weirdest 'flexes' that people shouldn't be proud of.

They write:

1. 10_Virtues says:

Boasting about how much drinking and smoking weed they can do.

2. Canijustgetawaffle says:

My coworkers flexed their 900$ car payments for new cars they didn’t need to buy with high-interest rates.

3. Skwerilleee says:

'I'm my own boss'
-MLM Participant

4. bakerzdosen says:

Riding around in a limousine. I think it was David Spade who made the joke about it, saying [roughly]: 'Whenever I see someone riding in a limo, I think wow, you have $300.’

5. minirose9 says:

Grinding crazy hours/not taking holidays - 60-80 hour weeks and no holidays (Public accountants, looking at you). My cousin's husband always brags about what a manly man he is and how he's never changed his daughter's diaper/bathed her/put her to bed.

Their daughter is coming up to 1 year old, and he never fails to brag about it at every family gathering. I'm not sure why he sees it as a flex. Bragging about being a terrible father

6. sirZofSwagger says:

Never taking your paid time off.

7. rurouni318 says:

Do you know who my dad, mom, or parents are? No, no one cares.

8. Yaseuk says:

Being a 'top earner' in an MLM.

9. Melodic_Bear4259 says:

One-upmanship. Good grief. People think making someone else look less than them makes them 'cool.' Um, no, it makes you look INSECURE.

10. Forsaken_Ambition_83 says:

Being proud about being 'brutally honest' when they’re just rude.

11. Willing_Impression_5 says:

When adults brag about high school sports achievements like that's their whole personality.

12. riphitter says:

Teachers bragging how some high percentage of the class fails every year.

13. altosuwulugares says:

Not wearing your seat belt, not using sunscreen, bragging about how many people you've slept with, bragging about how little sleep you've got this night.

14. TheSchoeMaker says:

People that ride motorcycles/atv super fast and recklessly down city streets doing wheelies and swerving in and out of traffic.

15. jonsbryhill says:

Proclaiming you’re an 'alpha male.' In fact, it makes you look like a complete idiot and everyone hates you.

16. No-Independence-6842 says:

CrossFit. As a nurse that has worked in orthopedic surgery, a lot of our surgical procedures are repairing injuries from CrossFit.

17. lilly_Litox says:

How big their mortgage is. Dude, you’re just bragging about how crippling your debt is.

18. MsAndrea says:

'I have a genius-level IQ.' Firstly, you don't, or you wouldn't be saying it. Secondly, where did you get this from? Because if it's something on the internet, they say everyone is a genius, so you'll brag about it and share it.

Thirdly, intelligence is so complicated any single number is virtually meaningless. There are so many metrics for intelligence that you can be high in some and low in others, come out average, and still be an amazing prodigy at one thing. Or brilliant at most things but not know which foot to put your shoes on.

Sources: Reddit
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