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Siblings ejected from plane after lying about missing medication, claiming to be pilot.

Siblings ejected from plane after lying about missing medication, claiming to be pilot.


"To the 2 entitled brats that disturbed a flight from iceland to canada and caused a delay; i hope you’re banned for life."


I was on a recent flight from Iceland to Canada and minutes before take off, literally as the hostess was doing the safety demonstration, a girl jumps out of her seat and interrupts her to tell her she forgot her purse in the airport with her passport in it, asking if she can just go and get it.

She was hyperventilating. The hostess asks her to sit down and calm down and she goes to inform the crew. Then another crew member comes over and, lo and behold, the story changes into “no i have my passport , but i need the purse because i have medication in it”.

They ask her what type of medication maybe they have it on board. Then she snaps back at them telling them, “it doesn’t matter what medication” and that she needs her purse full stop and she “cant have this conversation right now”. What. In. The. World.

Later, they informed her that ground crew searched the gate where the girl told them the purse would be, but they found nothing. Then it got worse when her “brother” jumped up, screaming at the crew saying he can go and look for it. We were literally in take off position away from the gate.

The crew informed him that they can't allow him to do that. Then he charged out of his seat, demanding to speak to the pilot saying, “I'm a pilot and i know what can be done!” The audacity!!

45 mins in, the guy comes back, grabs his carry ons and his sister, and left the plane after making a pathetic little speech, saying his sister, “could not have survived the flight without the medication”.

At this point, everyone else on the flight was like just GTFO dude, no one wants to hear that. Later on, the captain informed the passengers that they were kicked off the plane because the purse was found, but there was no medication in it.

And then the crew had to manually confirm the belongings of everyone on the plane to make sure these two did not leave anything suspicious behind, causing everyone to freak out over a potential security threat considering the BS story the two morons told.

The whole ordeal caused the flight a delay by an hour or so but it was infuriating to see how rude they were to the lovely crew and how entitled they thought they were to everyones time.

It was a packed flight with families and kids on board. She probably, just didn’t want to lose her purse, thinking that if they didn't know she made up a whole sob story they would just go get her bag and hand it to her no questions asked. Keep them off flights please!!

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The irony is, if the purse was going to be found (as it was), the airline probably could have arranged to have it sent to them on the next flight. They didn't need all that drama.


Yup. We accidentally left my daughter's blankie at the gate. Honestly not even sure how as she usually had a vice grip on the thing. They sent it on the next flight to where we had a layover, and it was brought to us at our next gate by some really lovely flight attendants who were on the flight that it followed us on.

Literally no fuss about it either. My planes crew I guess called back to the gate, they confirmed they had it and would have it follow us until it got to us. The attendants were very chuffed to have my kid run screaming 'you saved blankie' top of her little lungs when we saw them approach. They 100% saved my sanity that's for sure.


My partner forgot their cell phone at the gate one time, we calmly asked a flight attendant about it, they asked the ground staff and the phone was found and brought to us. No delay caused.


This wouldn't have worked on OP's flight because the plane was already detached from the gate & was queuing up for the plane to leave. But if they had been calm about this then the purse would most likely be put on the next flight that followed them.


How do you forget your purse? I mean I immediately notice if I don’t have mine.


Absolutely atrocious. If she couldn't "survive the flight without her" meds, then she wouldn't have forgotten it. I carry an epi-pen and an emergency inhaler. I never forget my purse. Being on a flight means it's a given I will need to use it. (Esp if there is a furry animal on board).

The gall to cause that much ruckus and im glad they were booted. There was no consideration for the other passengers, or the crew time. Someone on that plane was prob flying home because of an emergency. Appalling behavior like that gets you nowhere.


If she has medication that she needed to 'survive the flight', maybe she shouldn't be flying at all. I have two sets of meds, one in my carry one and one in my checked baggage. I don't carry a purse, because it's too easy to put it down somewhere and forget I have it.

One of my carry ons is a small backpack with two days supplies of medications. It won't kill me to miss a day or so, if there is a delay of some sort, but it would be extremely uncomfortable.


She obviously just didn’t want you to be without her purse and knew she didn’t have a compelling reason to hold a whole plane. Some people are the worst.

So, what do you think about this one? If you could give the OP any advice here, what would you tell them?

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