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'AITA for buying the last of an item that someone else hid in the store?'

'AITA for buying the last of an item that someone else hid in the store?'


"AITA for buying the last of an item that someone else hid in the store?"


I was shopping the frozen foods section of Costco. I stumbled upon a bag of frozen soup dumplings that were not in the section they were supposed to be in. They were peeking out from behind boxes of corn dogs.

I had been looking for these soup dumplings because FB ads has been bombarding me with them for weeks. So when I saw the one bag behind the corn dogs, I grabbed them and put them in my cart.

A couple seconds later, some woman stops me and says, 'Excuse me, I was saving that bag to grab after I finished the rest of my shopping because I didn't want them to melt.' I told her I didn't understand what she meant.

She reiterated, 'That was the last bag of dumplings, so I hid them so I could do some other shopping and come get them later. So can you please give them to me?'

I replied, 'Sorry, no. I found them, and I want to buy them. You are welcome to another bag if there are any left. But this bag is mine now.' She says, 'You're a real jerk, you know that?'

I replied, 'Yeah, I might be. But I'll be a jerk eating some delicious soup dumplings when I get home!' Am I the AH?

Here were the top comments and reactions:


NTA. Next time this happens don't try to argue just lick the bag of dumplings while maintaining eye contact


NTA. Grocery stores aren't a place where you get to hid things for later. If she wanted it, she should have put it in her cart.


That's up there with the people that get some old woman to stand in front of a parking place to 'save it'. This isn't grade school.

Not to mention, she obviously didn't hide it very well. If she wanted that item, she should have kept it in her cart and just kept it insulated with all those cardboard boxes that abound at Costco.


Obviously NTA. You can’t hide products to buy them later and get mad if someone takes it. If you hadn’t bought them, an employee likely would have put them back in their correct spot later for someone else to buy.


Lmao she should have just got them in her cart. What difference does it make if they are outside the freezer for 15-30 more minutes 😂


NTA, you found a product on a shelf, you took it home with you. thats how shopping works. Hiding things in the store is weird.


'Should have hidden them better.' NTA


yta. but for a diff reason than you think. you know this sub's gonna agree with you. you're just trying to dunk on this lady with the comeback you prob thought of on the drive home.


YTA. You and everyone in this thread are petty children. The woman was stupid to think she could hide the bag, but not an asshole. You on the other hand took advantage of her stupidity, and even after she explained the situation, you still were like 'sucks to be you' and even dunked on her afterwards. Grow up.


For taking the last bag? NTA. For your comments rubbing it in the lady’s face? Kinda YTA. Although she was pretty rude too, so I suppose ESH would be more appropriate for that part…


YTA only for the petty jibe at the end. Until it was in her cart, it was up for grabs, you were within your rights to take it.


YTA, but not until you taunted her. Before that, you were fine. Once you start taunting someone you're automatically an asshole.

Also, that lady obviously didn't want them that bad, they were right at the top of your cart, or would have been smarter to just snag them and let you howl your anger, because the truth is until they're paid for neither of you has any specific right to them.

What do you think? Is all fair in love and soup?

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