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Man snaps at wife for criticizing deer meat, 'work overtime if you want something else.'

Man snaps at wife for criticizing deer meat, 'work overtime if you want something else.'


The economy is out of control, which means every grocery store trip can put you in debt. Unsurprisingly, this turns up the dial on domestic stress.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a man asked if he was wrong for telling his wife she can work overtime if she refuses to eat deer meat. He wrote:

"AITA for telling my wife she can work overtime for food if she refuses to eat deer meat?"

As a lot of you know food is expensive right now, I was lucky enough to get a deer. I ground it up for ground meat. Basically, when you cook it you just think it is normal ground meat, especially when you do recipes with spices like tacos. My issue is with my wife, we have two kids that are under 7.

The oldest is fine eating it but my youngest hates it due to my wife. The first time I made some meatloaf with it my wife commented that it’s Bambi. She doesn’t hate the taste just when she knows it’s deer. I know this because she liked the tacos and then refused to eat it after my wife made another comment about Bambi. She was two tacos in already.

My wife doesn’t like to eat it but I would think she would see that this is to save money and the food is fine. That our kids need protein and meat is so expensive right now. I have talked to her before but she keeps doing it. I want my daughter to actually have some red meat in her diet since we can’t afford to keep buying it. It came to a head today. I made some meat sauce and pasta.

My youngest was already eating it and my wife came in and made a Bambi comment. She refused to eat the rest of her dinner. I had enough and told her I expect her to start working overtime for food since she stops people from eating the deer meat. We got into an argument about it and she thinks I am a huge jerk and disgusting for the deer meat.

The internet had a lot to say about it.

EndielXenon wrote:

INFO: What exactly is your wife's problem with venison? Does she have a problem with hunting? Does she have a problem with the taste of venison? Does she think that deer meat is low class and thus beneath her? Does she just generally dislike the idea of eating meats that aren't the standard pork/beef/chicken/fish selections in a typical grocery store? something else?

EDIT: Since this appears to be the top comment, I'm going to go ahead and edit it with my judgement, which appears to be pretty consistent with most of the ones below it: You are NTA. Your wife is welcome to think that venison is disgusting, but she needs to control her reactions and stop actively sabotaging your kids' reactions to it. Or, as you've suggested, find a way to provide an alternative on her own.

And OP responded:

She thinks it’s disgusting, she thinks that about all wild game.

Encartrus wrote:

I'm going to set aside the economic issue here, which is totally valid in and of itself. Venison is delicious. A full carcass could feed your family meat for a season or more if properly butchered and stored for pennies on the dollar compared to store bought cuts. None of this is in question. The issue here seems to be the moral imperative of killing and eating a deer.

Entire cultures, including nearly all of the western world, relied on deer (or other ruminants) hunting for the vast majority of human history in some degree. Domestication of cattle and goats shifts this into an industrial scale, but the animals are generally the same in intelligence and behavior.

Your wife calling deer "Bambi" as some sort of emotional/moral complaint is ridiculous. Cows, pigs, and chickens can be just as playful and friendly as any other creature (head over to r/Awww and a fifth of the videos are cows playing or people showing how their chickens like hugs these days).

Unless your wife is not eating any meat, this is just deliberate sabotage for no purpose. Deer hunting is needed (at least in the US) to keep populations in line as we have eliminated their primary predators to such an extent that unmanaged deer populations can be ecologically devastating. Better we eat what we kill as part of wildlife management than kill and let it go to waste.

The industrialization of the meat industry has done us few favors as a society, but the worst of it is somehow making the connection between living creature to food taboo. Your kids should understand where their food comes from, and appreciate the sacrifice made for our sustenance. NTA.

BreakingMeows wrote:


Even if your wife refuses to eat the deer it is not fair that she makes those "Bambi" comments and influences the youngest.

Some people just do not know to show appreciation and take everything for granted. Your wife as well is setting a bad example with those types of comments. Food is food. Unless a person does not like the food shall not eat. But please allow others to enjoy the food. Referring the deer to venison adds an exotic touch and might help people enjoy better what they eat.

many_hobbies_gal wrote:

NTA given the fact there isn't an issue when it is not known that the meat is venison indicates the issue is with your wife. For some reason she finds it funny or humorous to make these sick jokes at yours and your child's expense. Your wife needs to grow up and yes if she insists on this behavior then let her work overtime or a 2nd job to cover groceries and then she can buy what she wants.

Clearly, the internet has OP's back on this one.

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