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'Pretty creepy' woman brags about stealing celebs' personal info at work; gets fired.

'Pretty creepy' woman brags about stealing celebs' personal info at work; gets fired.


It's unsettling to think about how easily our personal information can be accessed in today's world.

One person inadvertently got a friend fired after learning that their friend was stealing personal information about celebrities from the airline she worked for.

29infinity asked Reddit:

'AITA (am I the a-hole) for getting my wife’s friend fired from her job?'

My wife (26) and I (27) have a friend (let’s call her Nancy, 26) who works for an airline company in the US. She works within the company and has access to flight records and personal information.

My wife and I were hanging out with Nancy a couple weeks ago and she kept causally bragging about how she had been searching up celebrities and had found out emails, phone numbers, multiple addresses and other person details.

Nancy claims to have found information on over 20+ celebrities, including some huge names. My wife and I both mentioned that it probably wasn’t a good idea, and if she got caught she’d likely be in some big trouble.

Good advice.

A few days after, I was hanging out with another friend (let’s call him Tony, 27) who also works for the same airline company but in a different sector. I had mentioned what Nancy had been doing, and he agreed that it was a bad idea and she would end up in pretty serious trouble for looking up such information.

This Friday, I received an angry phone call from Nancy, who was yelling about how I had told her boss what she was doing and she had been fired for looking up personal celebrity information. I explained that I had mentioned it to another friend but didn’t think he would tell anyone.

It turns out Tony had mentioned it to his girlfriend, who ended up telling her bestfriend who works above Nancy in the company. This lead to Nancy’s boss finding out, and consequently firing her. Tony’s girlfriend found out that Nancy had searched over 100 celebrities, and had access information including family contact info and address.

One hundred people???

My wife is split and says I shouldn’t have spoken about it, but also agrees that what Nancy was doing was pretty creepy and this was a consequence of her bragging. AITA (am I the a-hole)?

OP is obviously having conflicting feeling about their part in all of this.

Let's see what the Reddit jury had to say:

KylieJadaHunter writes:

NTA (not the a-hole). Nobody wants their personal information with someone who's going to abuse it and invade their privacy. Just because they're celebrities doesn't give anyone the right to access their personal information. Would you appreciate it if it was you? Although you didn't mean for it to happen, the right thing was done.

sunnydays0306 says:

NTA (not the a-hole) - you didn’t get her fired, she got herself fired. I feel like that is an important thing to point out. I’m sure you’re not the only one she bragged about to and it would’ve gotten back to her boss eventually. Unprofessional and a breach of privacy, not cool.

Laines_Ecossaises points out:

NTA. Oh the irony, she wants what she told you to stay private even though she violated the privacy of so many others. She f***ed around and found out.

Infinite_Egg_Egg brings up a legal issue:

NTA. I worked for a major airline in a role with similar such access, and this kind of behavior was explicitly mentioned in the training as grounds for immediate termination, and potential legal action depending on what exactly you'd done.

Can we understand the temptation to lookup a celebrity's email? Probably. Should you do if given the opportunity?

Reddit says 'Nope!'

Sources: Reddit
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