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Friends ditch dice game without telling tardy friend, he arrives over two hours late.

Friends ditch dice game without telling tardy friend, he arrives over two hours late.


The early bird gets the worm, or in some cases, the early bird gets the slot machine. Most of us have a friend who is chronically late, some of us are that friend ourselves. But there's a big difference between being fifteen minutes late, and showing up hours after the plan was supposed to start.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a man asked if he was wrong for leaving the casino before his late friend arrived. He wrote:

"AITA? Habitually tardy friend showed up to the c@sino 2.5 hours late and was pissed."

Me and my mates planned a Casino outing this past Saturday evening. Three of us drove together, the fourth said he’d meet us there. The plan was to meet at 7pm. The three of us arrive to the Ino a little after 7. Fourth friend is not there, so we get some dinner and start gambling. At around 9:30pm we decide to call it a night (craps table kicked our a$$) and go home.

Fourth friend still hadn’t arrived when we left. As we’re driving home, I get a call from Mr. Tardy and he’s yelling his a$$ off about how he’s at the Casino and we left without him etc. I laugh and tell him tough luck, you were over 2.5 hours late. He is still pissed at me and reading me the riot act all day, calling me a s$%T friend. Some of our friends have taken his side.

Important to note, this dude is always late. He has zero respect for other’s time. The only reason I might even consider myself being the AHin this situation is that he did message us before we left asking if we were still there. I did not reply to him. With how late he was, I didn’t think I owed him a response. So, AITA?

People had a lot to say about the friendship.

diminishingpatience wrote:

NTA. How many times did he message any of you to explain why he was going to be late again? I didn't think so.

"Some of our friends have taken his side."

They can wait for him in the future.

j2142b wrote:

He g@mbled and lost...NTA.

whatcakepopsdouhave wrote:

NTA, it would've been nice to let him know you all were leaving, but no, being 2.5 hours late is ridiculous, given there was no emergency. It's his own fault. Also I hope it's none of the friends that were there that are taking his side, they all could've texted him as well. There's no reason this guy or anyone else should be targeting you.

LackEnvironmental744 wrote:

I remember several years ago my mom invited a family member over for thanksgiving. We were eating at 2 o’clock. We didn’t hear from him all day. He had the nerve to call us at 6 o’clock and tell us he was on his way. My mom said “umm we already ate!”

100Horsepileup wrote:

NTA. I agree, you didn't owe him a response after he didn't show up or message you about being late. He has no respect for you or your time, I see no reason why you should have respect for his.

OP clearly isn't TA here, it sounds like his friend simply couldn't handle a taste of his own medicine.

Sources: Reddit
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