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Man invites GF to 'boys trip,' she demands king bed as the only woman, guys push back. UPDATED.

Man invites GF to 'boys trip,' she demands king bed as the only woman, guys push back. UPDATED.


One of the most stressful parts of traveling with friends is deciding who gets which sleeping arrangements.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a man asked if he's wrong for telling his friend she's not entitled to a king bed just because she's the only woman. He wrote:

"AITA for telling my friend she’s not entitled to a king bed at our air BnB?"

So bit of context. Me and my three friends have booked a boy's trip down the beach because a few of our other friends will be down there. Well one of our friends invited his girlfriend (let’s call her J) without telling any of us till 3 days before the trip. She hangs with us a lot and we’re all sweet with her coming, however the issue is we booked a house with 3 beds, a king and two singles.

Me and J are quite close, J is texting me at the moment saying her and her partner will take the king and they’ll bring a blow mattress for the person who doesn’t get a single. This is where my question comes in, I told her that we would all put our names in a hat, and whoever gets picked first gets first pick of beds and so on and till last person takes the blow-up.

She has gotten very angry at me saying because she’s a woman and in a couple she deserves the king bed with her partner. I understand this point, but she wasn’t originally invited to this trip and no one wants to sleep on a blow-up mattress. So am I the AH for telling her she can’t claim the king bed?

Redditors had plenty of thoughts.

RedOrm23 wrote:

NTA. Is the rent being divided 4 ways? Either way, it needed to have been agreed upon ahead of time. She is TA for trying to take over a bed with no prior discussion.

OP responded:

Thing is if he had asked if she could come and we got a bigger house there would no issue. We’re splitting 4 ways because she’s not working at the moment but had promised she’ll pay us back when she starts working again.

Lamacorn wrote:

NTA. It’s a friend's trip, not a couple trip. You are being nice in my opinion. I would tell your friend that J needs to stay home.

JB500000 wrote:

NTA. Although if he was my friend, he'd be roasted for bringing his gf to a boy's trip. That's a no-no.

WhyAmIStillHere86 wrote:

Frankly, there are already four of you. Person who isn’t paying gets the couch/air mattress because beds are a buy-in privilege. NTA.

After receiving a lot of support, OP shared a major update:

UPDATE: Thanks everyone for the comments and appreciate all the advice. Things took a dramatic turn and my friend and J got into a massive fight about this and they now have broken up.

Clearly, OP's friend's plan to bring his GF fully backfired in all of the possible ways.

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