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Woman calls cops on best friend's boyfriend, makes her sleep on the porch. AITA?

Woman calls cops on best friend's boyfriend, makes her sleep on the porch. AITA?


Go figure!

One woman was happy to take in her best friend when she followed her to Canada. However, her best friend quickly got a boyfriend that she did not get along with. She just didn't trust the guy. Soon after, she noticed that some of her figurines were missing. She tried to tell her best friend, but she didn't want to hear it. So, when it happened again, she got evidence. Now, she is being told that she took things too far.

'AITA for kicking my best friend out of my house because her boyfriend broke in and stole my figurines?'


Me (F21) and my best friend, Alice (F21), have been close for more than 10 years; we went to the same schools and study abroad (Canada) together. I came to Canada many years before Alice and have been living in a house my parents paid for.

That's why when Alice arrived four months ago, I invited her to stay with me. She paid rent but we never had a contract.

It started when she got a new boyfriend. She is head over heels for him (Kevin). She constantly invited him to my house without permission. He came and stayed for at least 6 days a week, sometimes overnight.

I did have problems with Kevin staying in my house, but when I brought it up with Alice, she brushed it off and said he helped her adapt to this new life. He is Alice's only emotional support besides me. However, I discovered Kevin lurking around my house, especially near my bedroom and figurine room many times when he was around.

It happened a month ago when I got home from school. I didn’t notice anything since all the doors were locked (even the door to my figurine room). Until I discovered some of my figurines disappeared.

Neither Alice nor Kevin were at home, so I assumed I got robbed since Alice never comes into my figurine room. I called Alice, she didn’t pick up but replied and said Kevin brought her to Ottawa for a surprise trip.

I tried to explain that my figurines were gone, she asked if the house was broken into and told me to go check around. Alice didn’t come back until two days after that, but she kept sending me pictures of her going out with Kevin in fancy places.

For those two days, I changed locks, set up hidden security cameras, alerted my parents and was panicking and in an extremely distressed mood.

Nothing happened for two weeks, but Kevin decided to steal again. I saw him, with two other guys I didn’t know, lockpicking my figurine room door and coming out with my figurines through two cameras.

I flipped out and called the police, basically got him arrested since stupid Kevin decided to go hang around. I believe he called Alice since she was home right after I did, crying and begging me to let Kevin go so we could talk.

I literally showed Alice the evidence, but she still begged and said IT WAS ALL A MISUNDERSTANDING.

It has been one week since Kevin was arrested, Alice kept going after me and demanded I let him go, and at one point I just lost it. We were fighting right in the middle of the night and I kicked her out of my house.

Since then I have been receiving a lot of phone calls from her family, from Kevin’s family and friends threatening me to have Alice back and drop the lawsuit I pressed on Kevin.

They are calling me AH for abandoning Alice for some figurines. They say that I am not allowed to kick her out since she paid rent or they will sue. Right now when I am thinking back, Alice has no one besides me and Kevin, and she is literally sleeping on my patio every night without eating and showering. So, AITA?

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NTA, there is no misunderstanding for picking a lock and theft.


You're so far from TA you're in a different galaxy.

Check your local tenancy laws. Its possible that the eviction rules don't apply because you are her 'landlord' and she lives with you. If they don't tell her she needs to reach out to whomever for funds & needs to leave your property with her things immediately. As for the harassment, report as necessary to the proper folks.

And I think it goes without saying that Alice knew how her little getaway was funded. That she has no one else local is not your problem nor your concern. She wanted you to let her thief of a BF off the hook and absolutely would have expected you to still allow him in your home. She made her bed, she can lie in it for eternity. NTA.


NTA, figurines can cost like $1000 bucks man, that's straight theft right there.


NTA he’s a thief. It’s simple and it doesn’t matter if he stole figurines or prescriptions or cold hard cash. If she’s letting him in and then he steals while he’s there she’s been inadvertently helping him and you need to protect your property.

Theft and lax security was not a part of your rental agreement. Take her off the rent and I’d at least say they owe you what the figures were worth to drop the lawsuit.


NTA. Oh boy, this is rough. Kevin is a confirmed thief and they are threatening you even with the proof? Be careful. It is shown that it might not be the end.

What would you recommend to the OP, considering her best friend is involved?

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