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Woman wants to sell 'friend's' Taylor Swift ticket to get back at her. AITA?

Woman wants to sell 'friend's' Taylor Swift ticket to get back at her. AITA?


Talk about some bad blood.

One woman is angry with her friend. She says she has become increasingly cruel to her and she doesn't know why. She waiting in line for 7 hours to get them both Taylor Swift tickets and now she is wondering if it would be petty to sell her friend's ticket because she can't stand the idea of even sitting next to her.

'WIBTA for selling my friend’s Taylor swift ticket?'


Alright, before I get roasted for the title, listen; I was the one that sat in that GOD awful Ticketmaster queue for literally 7 hours, fighting for my life to get us tickets to a show. I won’t specify the show, because of the fear of my friend seeing this, but here’s the details:

When I got our tickets, my friend and I were super close. However, she’s become extremely rude and honestly passive aggressive towards me as of late. I tried to ask her if I’d done something, but she always says no.

I’ve also tried not to let it bother me, but now I’m aware from other people that she talks sh*t about me behind my back constantly. I believe this is her boyfriend encouraging it, because he’s an awful person too, but she continues this behavior even when he isn’t around to see it.

For example, she’ll tell me I didn’t do something right, and I show her I did do it, she’ll get mad at me and not talk to me for at least 24 hours. Or she’ll message her bf immediately the second I do something she deems annoying.

I truly believe at this point that she’s only being nice to me the way she is now because of our tickets. She paid me for hers, face value, and it’s still under my Ticketmaster account. If I sell it, it would be face value as well and I’d be giving her the money back, because obviously it’s her money.

I just don’t feel comfortable going with her anymore, and she’s made it clear if we go she expects to ride together/stay together and as dumb as it may be, I’m so sick of being treated like garbage because of her.

I know it probably seems mean to just sell the ticket and take away her chance of seeing Taylor, but the idea of sitting next to her for 3 hours, plus the hours that it’ll take to drive there, plus any time in a hotel, makes me miserable.

She hasn’t paid for gas, or hotel, or anything that she would be out money wise for if I got rid of the ticket.

The reason i’m wanting to sell the ticket completely is because it will be RIGHT beside me the entire show. if i sell it, i understand the friendship is over, but with the way she is, the friendship is over the second i tell her i want to go separately anyway.

And again, I would 10000% give her her money back, because I am not a thief and would not steal anyone’s money. Please weigh in here, because our concert is in ~1 month, and I don’t know what to do because I feel like it’s an a**hole move but at the same time, I’d be returning her money.

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Give her the ticket,she paid for it,but that doesn't mean you have to travel with or stay with her. Ignore her at the concert.


NTA if you give her 100% of her money back. You shouldn't have to spend that much time with somebody who makes you so uncomfortable and miserable. It would suck the joy out of the entire concert.

And you definitely don't want that. But if you sell the ticket, all pretenses drop and things between you two will get even worse. You'll definitely lose the friendship, such as it is. So, just be prepared to deal with the blowback.


On top of which OP is also the one who spent all the time and effort getting the tickets in the first place. You'd think the friend would show at least the bare minimum amount of appreciation. It'll be a painful lesson, but one that needs to be learned..

That said OP should also be prepared for the blowback from her friends and the rest of her social circle, because I highly doubt that it'll end there. I would consider ending the friendship but still giving her the ticket.

OP isn't under any obligation to take her there. She could also try and find someone to swap places with so they don't have to sit together for the whole concert. Just a possible alternative instead of going down the full-nuclear route. Either way NTA in my opinion. People need to be more aware of how they treat others.


YWBTA - It's her ticket. If she wants to sell it, that's up to her. However, you're not obligated to go with her in the same vehicle, etc. She could possibly sue you for selling her ticket since she paid you for it.

Let me be clear, you are currently the steward of her property. It's not yours to do with what you want even if you plan on giving her back what she paid for it. SHE could sell it for a lot more if she decides not to go.


YTA. She sounds like she absolutely sucks but the reality of your agreement and her payment is that that ticket belongs to her. You dont have to go with her. But you do have to give her her ticket.

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