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Woman calls free garlic knots 'creepy,' refuses them; her friends aren't happy. AITA?

Woman calls free garlic knots 'creepy,' refuses them; her friends aren't happy. AITA?


"I’m almost impressed this woman found a way to be victimized by garlic bread."

I 31F am a member of a group that convenes monthly to discuss current events. After our last meeting, someone suggested getting pizza. One of our members lit up and said they knew a great place to get pizza, a small independent pizzeria. I'm all about supporting small businesses, so I agreed.

When we arrived, the manager was very off. He greeted my fellow group member very enthusiastically. He called her something in Italian that sounded weirdly intimate. He led us to a table and then handed out menus.

We ordered without issue, even though his vibes were very unsettling. After he left, I asked the group member who recommended the place if they knew him personally, and they said no. They said they just went to the pizzeria a lot and was friendly with the manager.

Before our pizzas arrived, he brought us an order of garlic knots. None of us ordered any garlic knots, and I tried to correct his mistake. He said that they were complimentary as a thanks for choosing his establishment. I thought this was very presumptuous.

After he left, I mentioned to the table that I thought it inappropriate to serve food no one ordered, because someone might be allergic. The group member said the knots were made from the same type of dough as the pizzas we all ordered, so there was no way anyone was allergic. Still, I didn't have any.

After our pizzas arrived, we ate without issue. The problem was when the bill arrived. No one was charged for their drinks, even though prices are listed on the menu. I pointed this out to the manager, to the annoyance of the group.

He said it was a perk of being a regular. I said that I wasn't a regular, and he said he hoped I would decide to become one after today. At that point I'd had enough. I said his behavior was creepy and asked for my bill to be fixed. He looked upset, but he took the bill.

The other members of the group got annoyed with me. The one who had recommended the pizzeria was visibly angry, saying that I embarrassed them and potentially ruined the awesome discounts they get.

I said that I felt uncomfortable with his overly familiar behavior and that the free food felt like a power play, a way to feel as though he had authority over us. They rolled their eyes and said I was ridiculous. They then got up to go talk to the manager.

They came back, slammed my new bill on the table and then stormed out. I paid in cash and left quickly as well, as I felt uncomfortable. I've been thinking over the situation and can't think of anything I did wrong, but some of other group members I texted said I went way overboard. Did I?



I’m just really fascinated by the psyche at work here, because if anyone brought me free garlic knots I’d probably agree to be in their wedding party on the spot


As I was reading this, the only thing on my mind was how exhausting this persons life is. Imagine going through your life overthinking any and all kind gestures a stranger makes, she probably finds herself offended if a neighbor greets her in the hallway.My best friend's girlfriend is like this and I am fully convinced she will be the death of him.

fuckcorporateusa says:

My best friend's girlfriend is like this and I am fully convinced she will be the death of him.

Krista @ Shapeshifters

Free bread is a normal thing even in non-Italian restaurants! I've been to fancy michelin starred restaurants where they gave you free bread! I've been to restaurants in Texas where they gave you free tortilla chips! If you order Chinese food they give you free fortune cookies!


She'd hate going to Mexican restaurants that gives every table chips and salsa.

Ms Retiredlibrarian

My father thought the onslaught of bread at Italian restaurants was some sort of conspiracy to keep him from eating more expensive meat, but I never thought of that.

Nierninwa says:

It kind of feels like OOP has 'main character' syndrome. Get's offended at how the manger greets another group member. Thinks that the 'special' treatment has something to do with them instead of the group member that is actually a regular at the place, you know the one that was greeted 'enthusiastically' .

miko jones

Dude that’s really so grim. These kind of caring interactions are part of the joy of living in community with other people. It feels like a bit of a power play where she’s taking control/diminishing others through rejection. Extremely selfish and negative.

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