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Woman's close friend 'intentionally' damages her business; 'Should we stay friends?'

Woman's close friend 'intentionally' damages her business; 'Should we stay friends?'


AITA for expecting my friend to remove her negative review about my business?

I(31F) run a hot yoga studio in my city with my aunt. One of my best friends(28F) goes there semi regularly for yoga lessons. I put my heart and soul into the business and many of my clients complained that the heat in the room reduced when late people try to come into the class after it’s began. It’s also very annoying for the instructors to get them caught up.

So I instituted a no late at all policy and will turn away people who show up late. Some people hate it and stopped showing but it hasn’t hurt our profits and classes still fill up.

The friend and 2 others were late (2-3min late) and the employee at the front desk turned them away like she had been told to and my friend didn’t argue but she did write a scathing review saying the studio didn’t care that people could die driving fast to not be late in bad conditions.

And that we could have blood on our hands from people trying to drive too fast and it was ridiculous to be turned away for only being late by 3 min. It was icy and snowy I’ll agree but we also live in Canada. It’s cold and icy 4 months of the year, people should factor it into the travel time it takes.

I called her and asked her to remove in bad review. She told me she expects the missed class to be reimbursed or rescheduled and the no late policy to be waved in the winter and she will take it down. I told her I can absolutely reschedule her class but I cannot make a policy change just because she wants me to do it.

I argued work will dock pay if people are late and she argued those jobs are losing people and most good jobs are understanding to bad weather. I said everything has a start time like kids soccer practice, doc appointments etc and me instituting a no late policy isn’t a big deal.

She said “hot yoga isn’t a big enough deal to make people stressed out about being late that they would drive fast in winter”. I told her it’s not important to her but it’s my business and I’m running it the way I want to. She said sure and she won’t be going back to the studio but her review is staying up.

She is one of my closest friends but I’m questioning if we should stay friends because she is intentionally damaging my business. But AITA for asking her to remove her bad review about my business?

Here's how people judged OP:

Available_Beat82727 writes:

INFO Do you not give refunds to the people who are late?

nsd910 OP responded:

No I don’t give refunds or reschedule for late people

Quokka_Selfie writes:


Unfortunately in business you do get bad reviews. All you need to do is reply to her review stating the facts that complaints were being made about people turning up late and it was making it hard for instructors. Your friend is super lucky that it was yoga and not a stand-up comedian’s show. If you turn up late to one of their shows you get the attention of the whole room placed onto you

cappotto-marrone writes:

I used to co-own a sandwich shop. When we first opened if we made a sandwich wrong we would re-make it for free. Most of these were to-go orders. We quickly realized that the same people always always had a “wrong” sandwich.

So, we started telling them to bring it back and we’d replace it with the larger size for their trouble. 99.9% of the time the response was, “I already ate it.”

honey-smile writes:

I'm of a mixed mind. Ultimately, I think YTA for asking her to take it down. She is/was a paying customer and has a right to write a review - just like anyone else. That being said, it doesn't sound like she's a very good friend.

Also - I love hot yoga (specifically Bikram) and a no-tolerance late policy has been consistent across every studio I've attended. I doubt it will actually hurt your business and it's not at all out of the ordinary.

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