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10,000 people rag on ‘boomer’ things they want to go away forever.

10,000 people rag on ‘boomer’ things they want to go away forever.


On Reddit, a tweet's going viral. Granted, that's a very modern sentence — and in that same spirit, this tweet via Reddit ponders a post-modern future. As the boomer generation ages, and with them the cultural norms that have shaped global society for decades, one tweet asked what everyone hopes will finally fade away.

It's a hot topic. In less than a day, over 10,000 comments rolled in with answers. Here are 25 of the most upvoted and most interesting. See if you can find the patterns.

1.) Ergos7055 has a problem with a certain type of programming:

Televangelists gotta go.

2.) Pristine-Regret2797 chooses a big one:

Private prisons

3.) Nevenoe has a take on work culture:

Pride to be overworked

4.) So does beercan-AI:

The “f*ck you, got mine” mentality.

5.) So does PaintOwn2405.

The idea that you should remain loyal to your employer forever and never take a sick day/PTO

6.) Actually, many do. Here's JebusCripesSuperstar:

Unpaid internship

7.) xellisds wants a new mindset entirely:

Loyalty to a company that who clearly doesn’t give a single shit about them in any way shape or form

8.) ShoutOutMapes hopes for new goals:

Extreme greed masquerading as success

9.) Greedy_Comment_2587 has completely different priorities:

Covering hard wood floor with linoleum

10.) Atomic_Chad gets religious:

The marriage of Church and State

11.) Ligmund_Freud just takes a long around and:

Gestures broadly

12.) Anything_justnotthis writes:

The stock market being the way we measure the economy.

13.) MissAnthropy_YIKES writes:

The 'I don't believe in therapy/mental health' mentality.

14.) Adolf_Hipster2 wants Facebook gone:

Facebook was great before the boomers learned how to use it

15.) The union of Church and state keeps taking hits. From inthenight098:

Christian nationalism

16.) Here's a big one from TrafficConeWriter:

Climate change denial and inactivism

17.) Elron-Cupboard is just tired of hearing how tall his fence can be:


18.) ShmashedPotatoes3 represents for the suburbs:

“Perfect” but unnatural lawns

19.) Good luck, AMinMY:

Lifetime appointments for Supreme Court Justices.

20.) Redqueenhypo has a word for Gordon Gecko:

Wall Street bro culture. They invented it in the 80s, it should die with them! Also Reaganism.

21.) What I'm getting is RiseFromUrGrave loves Hot Pockets.

Traditional gender roles. My father in law has never cooked or cleaned in his life. He’s a 73 year old man and tells my MIL, “I’m hungry”. Like she’s supposed to stop what she’s doing to feed his ass. Love the guy but bet he’s never made a Hot Pocket in his entire life.

22.) Plumcrazyy sees a path for all of these:

FYI the Boomer Gen is not the largest generation- it’s the Millennials! The millennials need to steamroll those boomers at the polls, like seriously.

23.) Soggy_Difficulty_361 takes aim at the big ones:

For profit medicine, religion, regressive policies to name a few.

24.) But a certain sentiment, like this one from LiteSarcasm, seems to be the overwhelming majority.

The assumption that 'hard work' will automatically lead to success

25.) And thin-combination-939 has the most outlandish of all:

the necessity to talk about politics at family dinners.

As long as there are families and dinners, there will be political arguments at family dinners. But for the rest, let the dreamers dream.

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