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Woman refuses to stop taking pics in locker room; calls offended party 'Karen.'

Woman refuses to stop taking pics in locker room; calls offended party 'Karen.'


Snapping photos of ourselves everywhere all the time has become incredibly common. But when do others have the right to tell someone to stop taking selfies?

A flustered woman came to Reddit to ask if she had overreacted in a distressing situation.

'AITA (Am I the A-hole) for getting upset with a lady for taking photos in the gym locker room?'

u/Accomplished-Bend316 writes:

I mean, basically the title, but now the lady is calling me out as a Karen online, but here are the details from my perspective:

I got out of the shower and went back to my locker to change. I'm in a towel. There's a women taking pictures of herself near my locker and a couple mirrors. I ask her to stop a few times, but she can't hear my until I raised my voice (headphones).

At this point, I'm upset, and I'm certain she felt attacked, but instead of stopping and saying sorry she shoves her phone in my face, says they aren't of me, and continues to take pictures.

Now I'm even more uncomfortable and almost crying... I'm in a locker room, in a towel, trying to change, and she's taking pictures. Manager happens to walk in, so I tell her what's going on, and the lady and I get into again. I was not cool and calm... I will admit that, but neither was she.

Gym managers were awesome and are filing an incident report to have her membership revoked, but I found her online and she's calling me a Karen. Am I?

We definitely know why it's inappropriate to take your phone out while people are naked, but she did seem to make sure not to point it in anyone else's direction...

So, who was the A-hole here? Did that woman deserve to get her membership revoked? Reddit thought so! They ruled *mostly* NTA (not the a-hole) on this one.

cinnamongrits says:

YTA (You're the a-hole) - if she showed you that the pics weren’t of you. You should have left it alone at that point. Crying for what? Grow up. Were you in the picture? Doesn’t sound like you were. Then you stalked her online after that, bc she’s just so enamored with you and your smoking hot bod, right? Leave her alone.

And OP responds:

She showed me one picture, but then continued to take more. That's when the manager came in. I stalked her later because I was concerned about the other photos she had taken, but you're right, I probably should have absolutely let it go. I'm still just worried she's going to post a photo of me. Probably a little irrational on my part. :)

YouthNAsia63 writes:

You reported her and now she is going to be kicked out of the gym. Well, good for the gym for protecting its members. Now let it go.

What do you care if some random over sharer that you never have to see or talk to you again is calling you the K word on whatever wretched online platform echo chamber she is complaining to. Really, now, WGAF? Are you stalking her online? You did the right thing at the gym. Gym management agreed with you Now let it go. You are NTA if you just let it go.

Throwawaydaughter555 comments:

Every gym I have been a part of has signs up saying no photos allowed. Including the locker room. It really should be a no brainer and unfortunately this new era of “plaster your life minute by minute for the world to see” also requires no brains.

General-Ostrich-8472 thinks:

NTA. You don't need to be actually found to be in a photograph in order to have a problem with people taking photos in a locker room. The fact that HER membership is being revoked makes it pretty obvious who the a-hole is.

So, there you have it!

Take your saucy pics of your hot buns at home, and we'll have no problems.

Sources: Reddit
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