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Barber refuses to shave his head for cancer patient's Instagram video, kicks her out.

Barber refuses to shave his head for cancer patient's Instagram video, kicks her out.


We are living in a time of endless social media content, which means at any turn, you could stumble into someone with a camera who wants to include you on their channel. Consent, it seems, has taken a backseat to non-stop content creation. And this shift can create a lot of awkward social situations.

In a popular post on the AITA subreddit, a man asked if he was wrong for refusing to shave his hair for a client's video. He wrote:

'AITA for refusing to shave my hair for a client who's a cancer patient?'

I (21M) currently own a barber shop and have found myself in a very weird situation, I was scheduled an appointment by a father of a cancer patient who is currently under-going chemotherapy and feeling very saddened by the situation, I decided to refuse any payment and give the girl her haircut for free however that's not the problem.

Once they arrived, I reluctantly helped the father pull the daughter out of the wheelchair and onto the chair but then I saw him go outside to his car only to arrive with camera equipment. I asked why he was doing this and he leaned into my ear and whispered how he's gonna record this for his daughter and tell me about how I'll shave my hair for the video so they can publish it on their Instagram page.

I refused and calmly explained how I wasn't informed about this during the scheduling and that I wasn't gonna shave off my hair just for some stupid video, the father then visibly got angry towards me [for some reason?]. He yelled at me explaining how I don't get it and how much work he went through to even go to my barber shop and schedule an appointment.

He called me a rich piece of s#$t that feeds off of the poor and constantly degraded me throughout for no reason. I told him to get out and take his daughter out of here because he's been kicked out, I explained how I don't tolerate disrespect. He left while looking at me with a disgusted facial expression, as if I did anything wrong. So...AITA?

People kept it real in the comments.

007_half wrote:

NTA the father is exploiting his daughter to get video likes.

Sparky81 wrote:

NTA - he's just trying to use his daughter got views and mad he can't use you too.

glacius0 wrote:

NTA. These people are entitled and unhinged. You sure the kid actually had cancer? It wouldn't shock me to see some turds faking something like this for Instagram clout.

blanketstatement5 wrote:

This mofo expected to walk into a random barbershop and expected to strong-arm someone into shaving their head? what a prick. NTA.

fallingintopolkadots wrote:

NTA. You were kind to offer to do it for free for her, but he never mentioned and you never agreed to your cutting your own hair off nor allowing it to be filmed. I get he's going through a hard time watching his child undergo this illness, but it's not fair to you to have gone off like this.

He should have asked ahead of time if there was someone willing to cut her hair off and do their own, too. That can be a big ask for a stranger. You don't owe them your hair.

Clearly, OP is NTA, but this dad is a walking AH.

Sources: Reddit
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