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17 cheap, funny, and easy Halloween costume ideas.

17 cheap, funny, and easy Halloween costume ideas.


Spooky Season is upon us and if you haven't had time to slowly sip a pumpkin-spiced coffee while gazing longingly at a pile of dead leaves from a park bench and contemplating all your choices in this fragile, temporary life--it's time to book your reservaton for the haunted hayride...

The stress of planning the perfect Halloween costume as an adult can be a frustrating investigation into 'why is everything 'slutty?'' and 'I can't believe I'm officially old enough for my high school wardrobe to be a costume for kids at the local Spirit Halloween.'

So, when a Reddit user asked a crew of creative internet strangers, 'Last year I made a shirt that said, 'go ceilings,' I was a ceiling fan. Do you have any ideas for other cheap and easy halloween costumes?' people were ready to reveal their go-to simple costumes. You don't need to know how to sew or come up with a clever pun for these!


I've seen someone go as a character from the Guess Who boardgame. They took a big square of cardboard, cut out a frame, dressed like the character, and voilà! Bonus: whenever someone asked 'Hey, are you ___ from that game?' my friend would fall over on them. - SideburnedBard


Last year my friend showed up to my halloween party wearing all black, with tiny reflectors taped up and down his sides, and with popcorn, candy wrappers, soda straws, and other garbage blued to him. He said he was the floor of a movie theater. - DDRrixstx


Absolute laziest idea: the guy who thought Halloween was tomorrow. I did that one year. Nobody thought it was funny. - [deleted]


Get a t-shirt and write DRUNK on it. Then get really drunk. When someone asks you what you are for Halloween, say 'drunk.' - jceez


The 2nd amendment. Jeans, t-shirt, furry arms, claws. - moonpies_for_misfits


Fully clothed, wear a sign around your neck that says NUDIST ON STRIKE - IvanaDrawyoface


I saw a guy who just had barbies clear taped all over him. He was a chick magnet. Also, a guy with a soil bag on him and he was a dirtbag - honeybadga


Attach couch cushions to front and back. Lost remote. - watson769


My friend last year wore a ski mask and stuck a bunch of 'hello my name is...' stickers to her. She was identity theft. - bellacestina


Go to a thrift store, find a cheap apron. Write the letters Fe on it. You're the Iron Chef. - [deleted]


Fake pencil mustache .. now you are you're own 'evil twin.' (You can randomly take it off/put it on throughout the night and pretend you are both there) - IamLEGOStig


A few years ago, I wore a black dress and, using sewing thread, I hung plastic cars and tractors and trees and farm animals at different lengths. Whenever someone asked me what I was, I would spin around in circles. Insta-tornado. - Anatidaephobia-y


Wear boxers and a white tank top, with a sign around your neck that says 'THIS GUY STOLE MY COSTUME' and a big arrow pointing to your right or left. Go around the party standing next to different people looking very vindictive. - Fredifrum


A few years ago I dressed in a tuxedo and had a sign that read 'I'm sorry'. I was a formal apology. - thenapes


Price is right contestant only requires sharpie, scissors and yellow construction paper - wearesolids


Tape Smarties to your pants. BAM! Smarty-Pants!! - InvisiblePanda9


Wear a shirt that says LIFE on it. Walk around, give people lemons you have in a bag. - SWEGEN4LYFE

Sources: Reddit
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