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21 of The Best Couple Halloween Costumes For You & Your Bae

21 of The Best Couple Halloween Costumes For You & Your Bae


Is it too soon to start picking out Halloween costumes? Probably, but people love these lists and we love giving the people what they want, so here you go...

(Also, I'm not entirely sure I know what the word "bae" means but I think I used it correctly? Point is, kids, I'm hip.)

1. Forrest Gump & Jenny Curran:

2. T.J. & Spinelli from Recess:

3. Ms. Frizzle & The Magic School Bus:

4. Vincent Vega & Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction:

5. Baby & Johnny from Dirty Dancing:

6. Dentist & The Tooth Fairy:

7. Wayne & Garth from Wayne's World:

8. Johnny Cash & June Carter:

9. Little Red & The Big Bad Wolf:

10. Roger & Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit:

11. Jim Halpert & Pam Beesly from The Office:

12. Gomez & Morticia Addams:

13. Pizza & Delivery Boy:

14. Bugs Bunny & Lola Bunny from Space Jam:

15. Khal Drogo & Dany from Game of Thrones:

16. The Man In The Yellow Hat & Curious George:

17. Mr. & Mrs. Smith:

18. Kim Possible & Ron Stoppable:

19. Ron Burgundy & Veronica Corningstone from Anchorman:

20. Squints & Wendy Peffercorn from The Sandlot:

21. Couple Goals:

Sources: PIzzaBottle
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