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Woman tells friends their couple's costume is 'creepy;' friends say she's overreacting.

Woman tells friends their couple's costume is 'creepy;' friends say she's overreacting.


"AITA For Telling My Friend Her Couple’s Costume With Her Husband Is 'Kinda Gross'?"


So my {29/Female} childhood friend Amy {30/Female} has always loved costumes and dressing up. She started with putting serious effort into Halloween (her favorite holiday by far) and is also into cosplaying and works as a costume designer.

Her husband Mark {41/Male} always goes along with her if she needs a male extra for a convention, a model for a costume, etc. and also always attends Halloween celebrations with her in couples costumes.

They’ve been doing couple’s costumes for about ten years now, but I've known about her passion since we became friends and have always been very supportive. Sometimes we even go to parties as a trio, and I’ve attended some cons with her. My point is, she’s very involved and it’s always been a fun ride along with her.

This Halloween, however, has soured our relationship. She had insisted on keeping her costume with Mark a secret until arriving at the party because it took so much time and effort that she wanted it to be a big surprise.

She was super proud about the amount or work and intricacy that went into this project. I genuinely didn’t know who she was going to be until she walked into the party, and up until that moment I’d been excited to find out.

To her credit, the costumes were incredibly well-made and beautiful. She and Mark seemed to really resemble and embody the characters. The thing I couldn’t get over was that the characters they went as were not just a couple, but were also related. Immediate family related. Quite honestly, it icked me out, especially when they would flirt and make gross jokes in character.

I tried to keep it to myself, but at some point last night I got too drunk (which I admit was my own fault) and let it slip in a joking, light-hearted way that I thought their character choice was “kinda gross” and weirded me out a little.

Amy was p!$$ed, and mark was understandably defensive of her, and some of our mutual friends gave me very polarizing responses to the whole situation. I ended up leaving and ubering to a cousin’s place nearby.

But I haven’t heard from Amy since last night other than a couple angry text messages calling me a beech and an awful friend. I’m worried I may have ruined our friendship, but I also feel like she’s overreacting. AITA?

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Omg they dressed as two people who are related and flirted with each other that's disgusting. It reminds me of a couple who went as Velma and Scooby Doo. And they kissed! Do they not understand that's beastiality. People have no shame.

This was sarcasm btw YTA.


Wait, you mean she and her hubby dressed as characters who are related? Like for instance I'm picturing David and Alexis Rose from Schitt's Creek? That doesn't strike me as all that odd, even if they are flirting and making out - it becomes kind of funny...

Amy and her husband aren't related and dressing as people who are, for a holiday dress up event, should not cause major offense. Even if it's kind of ick because you end up seeing the related characters instead, that's just part of the fun really.

You could have and should have kept your mouth shut, especially knowing how much work she put in. You undermined and insulted all that by focusing on the wrong thing and to be honest your opinion here didn't matter. That's why she's mad. YTA.


INFO: What's the point of the post if you cannot say what the costumes were?

The OP finally shared this detail here:


Edit: I didn’t want to name the movie/characters, but since everybody keeps asking, they went as Barbara and Antony Baekeland from Savage Grace.


YTA. They are not actual brother and sister, they dressed up as them. Considering I saw Elsa from Frozen grinding up against Chewbacca and a Catholic priest making out with a hot dog last weekend and no one else was up in arms, I'm assuming this is 100% a YOU problem.

So, do you think the OP was being too judgemental? It is just Halloween afterall.

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