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9 people who tried to ruin Halloween.

9 people who tried to ruin Halloween.


There's something about Halloween that brings out the worst in people. While most people either trick or treat or dress up as a popular character from a trending TV show, others can't help but try and ruin the day for everyone else.

We put a list together of some of the worst people from this Halloween (in no specific order).

TW #9 racism.

1. This woman for teaching her kid that this is okay.

2. Yes, yes, they absolutely are.

3. Trick or Treaters for skipping over this goldmine.

4. People that go straight to Christmas without giving Thanksgiving the respect it deserves!

5. Heidi Klum for putting everyone else's Halloween costume to shame this year.

6. I think adults should be allowed to trick or treat, but this lady makes a case for why not.

7. All of us for not getting candy from poor sweet Peppita.

8. These kids are not about sharing with the neighborhood.

9. These teens for not letting us get through a Halloween without racism.

10. After all those people that ruined Halloween, maybe we should also take time to appreciate those that make it better for everyone.

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