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16 people share the small change that drastically improved their mental health.

16 people share the small change that drastically improved their mental health.


Despite what Instagram models might tell you, self care is about more than posing with a face mask in a bubble bath and sipping an herbal tea every two months...

If you're a normal person who doesn't have time to wake up when the sun rises, spend three hours at the gym, and journal all your goals until dinner then it's best to start with some quick and easy adjustments.

Sometimes a simple hack for re-framing negative thoughts or a simple morning snack recipe can have a surprising, life-changing effect. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is something that drastically improved your mental health?' people were ready to share the tiny change they made to their routines or thought patterns that had a big impact on their lives.


Silencing my activity on social media, and replacing my time spent on there by reading books instead. I’ve finished 6 books since the start of January. I feel so good about myself because of it. - chick3nslut


Taking vitamin D and B supplements and getting enough sleep. Really helped reduce excessive thinking and fixating on negative things from my past. - AnDagdadubh


I take ten minutes a day (usually before bed) to tidy things up. I'm always surprised at how much I can get done in just ten minutes, and it's so much easier to keep the place clean that way. When things start getting really bad, the fact that I've always got a clean place is incredibly helpful. - future-unperson


Getting rid of Instagram - Simplicity_D


Adult hobbies. Surfing. Fishing. Running. Mine are solo activities, but you just need something challenging that you have to work at to get better. It gives you little things to look forward to so you’re not focused on all the depressing bs. - musashi-swanson


Being significantly pickier about who I spend time with. I now actively seek out friendships with kind, creative people and actively do not go to extended family gatherings. - carinavet


Quit having grudges with people. Let them go and you’ll be relaxed - Weak_Carpenter_7060


Getting a cat. Taking vitamins every morning. Being honest about my feelings. Setting clear immovable boundaries with my family - MissNinja007


Eating breakfast. I'd often describe to my boss and coworkers that I'd have a really bad brain fog that I sometimes couldn't think at all. I usually wouldn't eat until around 1pm or 2pm when I'd been up since 9am. I had to start getting up around 8am or sometimes 7am and I would have extra time to get food. Once I did, the brain fog went away and the change was immediate. - christygl7


Saying 'no' to things that I don't actually want to do instead of trying to help everyone out - LoanOptions_ai


Enforcing boundaries in work - SmartPomegranate4833


Getting a job that paid a living wage improved my mental health 1000%. - rigel899


Moving to a place that wasn't winter 8 months of the year and I was close to the ocean. - wyrd_werks


Something small that has helped me is saying aloud “What a beautiful day today is.' It’s small but I have better outlook - turtlepawa123


Being honest and transparent about how I'm feeling. 'I'm not mad at you, my brain just hates me right now,' has helped mitigate lots of fights and awkward conversations. - Nillabeans


Knowing it's okay to leave some people behind - -Black_Guardian-

Sources: Reddit
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