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Teen fat shames adults for criticizing her parentally mandated diet and fitness regimen.

Teen fat shames adults for criticizing her parentally mandated diet and fitness regimen.


"AITA for "fat shaming" people who criticized my family's healthy lifestyle?"


My dad was a "disgusting fat sack of garbage" and a "repulsive fat blob." He and his family looked like people from WallE. He told us that they ate fast food, soda, candy and fried food every day and he was an adult the first time he actually tried many types of fruits and vegetables. He decided to lose weight and join the military, he was a green beret.

He raises me and my 3 siblings in a healthy lifestyle. He wakes us up every morning at 5 am and we will do stuff like a 5k run, hundreds of push ups, dozens of pull ups etc. We only get rests on weekends. When we were younger we resisted it but now we embrace it as we are all the top athletes at our schools, we feel great and look good.

He pushes us to the point of exhaustion sometimes but I think that's great. We do occasional obstacle courses, shooting, mountain climbs. He makes my brothers lift weights twice a week so they're buff. He's 45 and has abs. He banned junk food from the house so the only time we ever have had it is when we were on school trips or at other people's houses.

I got into an argument with my cousin yesterday who is morbidly obese. She said its "cringe" that I have never eaten at Burger King and that my dad is such a psycho for not letting us enjoy great things in life. I told her I'm ok and I'm not a fan of junk food.

She said that since I've only eaten Taco Bell once and McDonalds twice and that I should give it a go. I again told her I enjoy my healthy lifestyle, I enjoy being fit and I feel great. She then commented that I am too skinny and girls shouldn't have abs (I was wearing a crop top.)

I just lost my sh!+ and said "I am happy not looking like Jabba the Hutt. I am attractive but more importantly I am healthy, I will live a long life free from medical issues and I feel great inside. My body is what the human body is supposed to look like and yeah my dad might push us, but that's because he cares and I am grateful I don't look like the rest of his family."

She cried so my aunt yelled at me saying body shaming is bad, I said she is the biggest fvvking hypocrite as she and her daughter constantly criticize and make fun of us. My dad came in and screamed like a drill instructor and kind of scared everyone there who just left.

My mom does work out with us though only like twice a week so she's not as fit, but not fat. She went off on my dad, saying we take this too far and that we shouldn't insult them. She said they're just insecure and we should let it slide.

Cut to a different day, our neighbor said she's worried about me and my siblings. I politely told her that we are ok. She kept saying we look tired and he forces us too much. I once again said we are ok.

She kept saying she'll call people to help us if we need it and I snapped and I said "SHUT THE FVVK UP AND MIND YOUR OWN FVVKING BUSINESS, WE DON'T NEED OR WANT IT." She went inside and now looks sad when she sees us. Her husband called me a little sh!+ a few days later.

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Sounds like every in the story is TA.


YTA and an army brat, congrats.


YTA. Are you normally so volatile? That’s a really unhealthy way to live your life. If you know that what you’re doing is good and right, and if it brings you joy without harming others, there’s absolutely no reason for you (or your dad) to lose your sh!+ about anything you’ve shared in this post.

You (and your dad) overreacted tremendously, which makes me feel like there’s a grain of truth coming from the people who are saying these things, and that you don’t want to examine them too closely.


Neither. Everyone involved were a-holes in that situation.


ESH. Drill Sargent dad, healthy shaming cousin, fat shaming you, nosy neighbor, you yelling at your neighbor, the whole thing is effed.


Your dad took his unhealthy lifestyle and traded it in for another unhealthy lifestyle. Just because the new one is deemed better socially (by presenting as more attractive) doesn’t mean it isn’t any less damaging or dangerous. Exercise is good - in moderation. Junk food is good - in moderation. If you drink too much water at a time it can kill you; moderation is the key to life.

Your dad has pushed an unhealthy mindset onto you the same way an anorexic parent could instill an unhealthy relationship toward food on their children. Your dad has an unhealthy obsession with control that has spilled into controlling how his children eat and exercise.

You could all have caused damage to your bodies if you haven’t been getting the correct amount of fats and proteins, and especially if you’ve been pushing yourselves in ways that can hurt growing bodies.

YTA for lashing out and escalating the situation. Your dad is especially TA for yelling as his sister or SIL like he did. Your mom sounds like she should have put her foot down over a decade ago.

So, it seems like there might be some deep-seated issues not being addressed here?

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