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Health executive suffers from her own 'inhuman' policy demands doctor commit fraud.

Health executive suffers from her own 'inhuman' policy demands doctor commit fraud.


American health insurance is complicated and expensive. Copays, in-network providers, and pre-existing conditions fuel the ever-complicated fire. One thing is true. The less care you get, the more money insurance companies make off of you.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Malicious Compliance Subreddit, one healthcare exec gets a little taste of her own medicine (pun intended).

OP writes:

This happened years ago. I am an OB/GYN in a busy suburb of San Francisco. One of my patients was the vice president of a large health insurance corporation. She was a dynamic executive who climbed the corporate ladder quickly. One of her special talents was reducing healthcare benefits for patients.

She initiated a policy where women who underwent cesarean section would be discharged in two days rather than the standard four-day hospital stay. Shortly after having in vitro fertilization, she found herself pregnant with twins. During one of her office visits, I mentioned the new two-day policy.

I told her that for some patients, it was rough to be discharged after major surgery in two days and be expected to care for a newborn infant. She smiled and said she didn't get where she was in corporate America by giving away money. And patients just needed to suck it up. Health insurance wasn't meant to be a convenience.

She was 42 years old and went to full-term with her twins. Despite her age, she elected to attempt a vaginal delivery because of the quick recovery. Her labor was long and extremely difficult and ended with a cesarean section.

On day two, I went to her room to complete her discharge from the hospital. She said, 'I'm NOT leaving! This is inhuman! You can't expect me to go home and take care of twins like this! I can barely walk! All you need to do is write a note in the chart that says I have a complication. My stay will be authorized.' I told her that would be a fraud and I wouldn't be willing to falsify a medical record. Anyway, about a year later, the state of California forced them to reverse the policy.

The internet noted that even Ebeneezer Scrooge learned a lesson.

CountryMouse359 says:

The sad part is she didn't realize her mistake and reversed the policy herself.

twinWaterTowers says:

Until it happens to them, they can't conceive of the need for anything.

YokedApe says:

That is so satisfying. The simple fact that medical treatment and medicine, in general, is used to make a profit for a**hats like this is stunning.

Maybe one-day American healthcare will catch up to the rest of the Western world.

Sources: Reddit
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