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16 people debate which 'golden age era' we're currently living in.

16 people debate which 'golden age era' we're currently living in.


While we all go about our daily grinds of too much screen time, it might not feel as though we're living in any special moment in human history, but there are always reasons to be grateful for the present moment...

What should be appreciating now that we'll all look back on later and think 'those were the best of times?' We might not ever know for sure, but it's fun to place some bets. So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What are we currently in the golden age of?' people were eager to guess which artistic, technical, financial, or other life experience we're presently living in 'the good old days' of.


Spicy chicken sandwiches and literally nothing else - 3dprintingn00b


Stand-up comedy. Easy access to specials and most comics have podcasts too. - HacksawJimDGN


Everyone being an influencer/content creator - bkang91


Discovering who you are - cheeseboi88


Idiots, the golden age of idiots. Because information is EVERYWHERE, and they still choose to believe the stupidest of lies - ___Ethos___


Peace. The news might make you think otherwise, but this is the most peaceful times humanity has ever known. - Cleverbird


Remote/hybrid workplace. For all COVID’s negatives, it showed us that a bunch of workers could be more productive at home than the office, with a commensurate benefit in work-life balance and improvement in overall mental health. - Viperlite


Apples. Seriously. There are so many amazing kinds now like honeycrisp and ambrosia. - gruzbad


Social media and hopefully we're nearing the end. - nothingbutM


Human generated art. Most of what you think is amazing, incredible, that you personally treasure is at its absolute peak. Machine generated art is coming to destroy all that.

But as of today, it's intact and you are born at the perfect time to witness the transition to complete computerized automation, not only of banal things like call routing (we don't employ switchboard operators any more) and bowling pin resets (we don't employ bowling pin setters any more), but the actual generation of moving, emotionally impactful, wonder-and-awe-inspiring ART. But if you love human-made art, this is it. We're in the golden age and it is waning. - pragma


TV shows! (or streaming series? unsure what to call them actually lol). there’s so much good content out there that there’s actually not enough time to consume it. The golden age of your voice being heard. you could post a video now and it wouldn’t be uncommon to see it get 100,000 views or more- that kind of access is just crazy. - sparkling-spirit


Vegans and vegetarian food. My Fiancé is vegetarian, and the options today are amazing. Impossible, beyond, and all their new products. Most of our favorite restaurants also have meat substitutes. - WaterIsGood762


Entertainment! We always have new things coming in and you can find a form of entertainment everywhere. And there’s always something that someone will like. - FrankSinatraHot


Beer! There are so many different types of beers and so many different craft breweries all over the world, my experience in the U.S.A. is that almost anywhere you go you can find some unique brewery with a special beer. We are truly in the golden age of beer. - Capable_Ad_6385


Almost everyone is going with a negative answer, so I will try to mention a positive one: board games. If you are a board game geek like me, there has never been a better time in terms of the number of interesting games available and the number of people who are interested in playing them. Compared to games like Risk and Monopoly and Stratego that I grew up with, it's like we've gone from the Model T to a Corvette. - biff444444


We're right smack in the information age - simikoi

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