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18 hobbies that only the rich can afford.

18 hobbies that only the rich can afford.


Everyone should have hobbies they do outside of their professional lives. Hobbies like running, painting, or knitting are all options that aren't super expensive. However, your hobby can also tell where you live on the class hierarchy.

On a popular Reddit thread in the Ask Reddit Subreddit, people share hobbies that scream 'YOU'RE RICH.'

1. Mycatnina says:

Tennis. Even though tennis isn't super expensive, that's where all the millionaires/their kids are.

2. Awkward_Trouble4955 says:

I work for Porsche. Many clients have racetrack memberships where they garage their cars and have track days. $80-90k initiation fee, $10k annual fee for some memberships.

3. VapoursAndSpleen says:

My neighbor is a yachtsman who makes a middle class living racing rich people's yachts. So, I would say hiring people to indulge your hobbies is about as 1 percent as one can get.

Sources: Reddit
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