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10 life hacks that will make your holidays easier.

10 life hacks that will make your holidays easier.


The holiday season is upon us, and while this is a time for celebration for many, it also involves hassle and stress that seem unavoidable. Like cleaning up the bristles from a tree, ornaments spewing glitter everywhere,

1. There's a way to avoid getting glitter everywhere if you just put on gloves.

2. Have holiday candle holders that have wax residue in them?

Odd_Bike_5015 says:

Put it in the freezer it’ll pop right out.

3. For those of us that are bad at wrapping gifts.

4. If you have little ones that believe in Santa Clause use this trick to make his footprints.

If you go to little hiccups's website they have all the instructions you'll need to create Santa's footprints in your own house.

5. This is a helpful hack for anyone having a large holiday dinner.

6. How to toss your Christmas Tree without getting pine needles everywhere?

One way is to put a garbage bag over both ends. You'll avoid getting needles everywhere and can easily remove the bags once it's outside so the city will pick it up.

7. Don't want to get stuck in long lines at the store?

Target has this little trick:

8. Broken glass hack!

Are you throwing a holiday party? Well, there's a chance someone may break a glass or two. One easy hack to cleaning up the mess is to grab a slice of bread and press it onto the shards on the floor. You'll watch the bread absorb the glass right into it.

9. For all travelers this holiday season, here's a packing hack for you.

10. Want to prevent your cats from jumping on your tree and bringing it down?

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