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17 people share the new hobbies they'd recommend to others in the new year.

17 people share the new hobbies they'd recommend to others in the new year.


It's never too late to learn a new sport, finally get around to playing an instrument, or attempt any other fun activity you've been interested in for years on the sidelines...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What new hobbies have you picked up this year and would you recommend them to others?' people were ready to share the fun skill or activity they learned that they hope to continue in the new year. Yes, rollerblading is as fun as it looks, people!


Woodworking. I've made things that I've been able to make a quick buck on. I've also been able to make things I've wanted, like a wooden flag, hat rack, etc. - Shangtia


Cloud watching. Got a book to identify different clouds and it's very relaxing just to sit in the backyard, watch the clouds, learn what they are. Definitely recommend. - msbzmsbz


Inline skating. Started in March so I could learn how to play hockey and found how much fun it is just to roll around places. It’s kept me active throughout all of quarantine and I find it fun with how high the skill ceiling is for it.

I’ve seen people do some pretty slick maneuvers with them especially while playing hockey. Definitely sucked to learn in the beginning but I’m glad I didn’t quit. Definitely worth every fall - Blu3_Balls


Geocaching. You can do it anywhere, all you need is a phone with decent service. We started doing it with my 8 year old and she loves it. We camp a lot throughout our state but obviously haven't been able to do touristy things this year. This gives us a way to look for new places without being around a lot of people. - GoodbyeTobyseeya1


Gardening, even just a couple plants. It allows you to visibly see your progress and you learn things when you have questions about your plans. Then if all goes well you get some produce. Nothing feels quite like snacking on some peas you grew yourself and see at the grocery store for 5-6 dollars a pack. Good luck. - AldereztheGreat


I started doing yoga and would definitely recommend it. It's good for you. - InsertNameAndNumber


3D printing. It is insane what you can print with a low budget printer (mine was 200 Dollars). You can create your own models pretty easily and if you are too lazy for that you can download cool stuff from Thingiverse. Comes in handy too if you forgot to buy someone a gift... - firedexo


Analog Photography! Fun to get a cheap camera and (not really cheap) film. Send to develop and practice exposing photos! - mhans3


Started meditating this year. Almost at 100 days in a row! I would recommend. But I would start easy with just 5 minutes in a session and build your way up overtime. - [deleted]


Gardening and learning to play the guitar. Both are therapeutic - Kukantiz


Sewing. I lost my grandma this year and she used to sew and knit a lot. I was given her sewing machine, so I whenever I use it I feel closer to her - AstaPasta123


Experimenting with cooking. Following a recipe online that you found is also good, but there's just an extra layer of enjoyment and discovery to be had when I try to work things out on my own, especially when ingredients are limited. It's like a puzzle you can eat.

The main point to not let 'not perfect' overshadow 'good enough'. You probably aren't gonna be winning any awards with your first few attempts but that doesn't mean what you created isn't special in its own right. - ThymeOfDyeing


Archery. It's a lot of fun and an excellent way to clear your mind. - SnoopFelonyFelon


Reading, or listening to, all the books one of your favorite author has written. I finished Kurt Vonnegut and now working on John Irving. Reading Irving's books back to back takes away from his greatness, while it made Vonnegut seem like the greatest of all time. - Orangutangirl


I've started keeping a visual journal again. Keeping track of the things I do and see every day gets me off the sofa. I don't want to write 'sat on Reddit, ate food & worked out' every single day.

Even if all I do is putter around the garden or go for a walk, at least that generally results in me seeing something new today that I didn't see yesterday. Plus I actively try and notice things instead of just walking obliviously through the same area day after day. - munkymu


Piano, I know some people have already tried but on my second day of self teaching, I already knew how to play a song! It is really nice once you get into it. You can literally play memes and make your own songs! It’s so fun. - Alsoananimelover


Calligraphy is fun! It improves your handwriting and forgery! - [deleted]

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