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'AITA for demanding the same Christmas present my stepbrother got?' UPDATED

'AITA for demanding the same Christmas present my stepbrother got?' UPDATED


"AITA for demanding the same Christmas present my stepbrother got?"

Here's the original post:

I sound like a real a-hole but I've completely lost my mind over this. I'm 17 and my stepbrother is 17. We both have our driving license. I just found out 5 days ago that my dad and stepmom bought a used car for my stepbrother. They got me a 600 dollar gift card to best buy.

I know $600 is a lot of money but what the hell? Am I crazy or is it super unfair? It's literally the straw that broke the goddamn camel's back. I'm actually so pissed off that I've moved to my mom's house full time. My dad seems to be genuinely sorry and told me he's looking for a car now but that it'll take a while.

I messaged him back saying that I'll decide if I want to see him after he decides to be fair for once. I've ignored all other calls and messages from him since. My stepbrother messaged me saying that I need to chill out and that he'll let me use his car. He also said that I need to stop bitching and ruining everyone's Christmas. I told him to get in his civic and F off. AITA?

What do you think? Is her anger justified?

This is what top commenters had to say:

lyraterra said:

NTA. It takes a serious miscalculation by both adults to think that kind of uneven gift giving is okay. I think after you cool off you should sit down with your dad and explain how hurt you were by the disparity.

JackNotName said:

NTA. That was a bullsh?t move by your dad and step-mom. Unless all the money for the car came from step-mom (or step-mom and step-bro's dad), that is just way out of line. You are right to put your foot down on this. Your dad treated you like a second class child. Good on your for standing up for yourself.

As for ruining everyone's Christmas... Why is it expected for you to be quiet while your Christmas is ruined?

[deleted] said:

NTA there’s obviously some favouritism here

CNDRock16 said:

NTA, your dad and stepmom seriously messed up and you have every right to be hurt. However you are TA if you take it out on your stepbrother, try and tread lightly there. It’s not his fault!

And sinkydoodles said:

NTA. My dad had a rule - if you can’t get something for all 4 kids, you don’t get it at all. Obvs this wasn’t for littler things like kid 1 outgrew their trainers or kid 3 had a growth spurt and needed new was for shit like this. Can’t afford a car for all 4 kids? Shame, they can pay for their own cars then.

A month later, she posted this update:

I decided I needed a break from my dad and his family so I spent the holidays exclusively at my mom's house. I will most likely not be continuing the week on/off arrangement at my dad's house this year.

The reason I initially got from my dad is that apparently I'm better at getting rides, while my step brother keeps bugging them for rides. And also because my stepbrother is there full time and I'm only there every other week. I think that's totally bullsh!t.

He knows how difficult it has been to get to my part time job. My stepbrother doesn't even have a job, like damn. And now the custody bs is my problem? I don't think so.

I took the gift card and told my dad not to bother with getting me a car. I'm currently "borrowing" my grandmom's 2002 Corolla and I love it. And all I have to do in exchange is drive my grandmom around whenever she wants. It's awesome. We have a blast going around town.

There were a lot of different judgements on my initial post but at least I know I'm not completely crazy. People might think I'm being an entitled brat and that's fair. But I was legit so grateful for the gift card. I was freaking out. But I felt so stupid when I found out what my stepbrother got. It's not that I needed a car. I just wanted to be treated equally.

This is the first time ever I've been actually resentful about having my step brother in my life. Which I don't want to feel but it's the truth. They could've bought two cars for what they spent on my step brother's car.

I don't hate my dad. But I realized that I can't really expect him to do right by me without me bitching about it. He's been sending money to my mother now since I'm here full-time. Some of that money is used to pay for my insurance.

He does text me a few times a week and I reply but I don't really have long conversations with him. I know he's sorry and he wants me around. But I just need some space from him. It kinda sucks realizing that a parent might not love you as much as you thought they did. But I'm sure our relationship will improve in time.

I'm on track for college this year and I want to focus on school and put all this behind me. I'll be one of the few people from our family going to college so everyone is pretty excited. So all in all, I think the outcome is pretty positive. Thanks guys.

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