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22 people share the funniest pranks they planned for April Fool's Day.

22 people share the funniest pranks they planned for April Fool's Day.


April Fool's Day pranks are always super fun and creative,and not at all tired or overdone. April Fools! Pranks on this holiday tend to range from annoying to boring to straight-up bullying—and we're sick of it! Pranking is an American past-time that deserves our time, effort, and respect. It's time to put the fun and originality back in April Fool's Day. And that's what these creative pranksters are doing. Ashton Kutcher would be proud.

Yesterday, someone asked Reddit: 'What April Fools Day pranks do you have planned for tomorrow?' Here's what the friends, family, and co-workers of these 22 pranksters have in store for them:

1.) From The_Mantis-O-Shrimp:

My family has complained about the fact that some of our forks don't match. At one point my mom thought that a fork appeared out of no where so I went to a thrift store and bought an assortment of forks and have put them amongst the other forks

2.) From coco237:

I have taken a picture of my roommate's phone on the table.

Tomorrow, I know for a fact she will be out, I will text her : 'hey, You left your phone at home. ' And attach the picture of her phone on the table.

3.) From Kegrun:

I did a text replacement on my wife’s phone. Whenever she types ‘lol’ it will be replaced with the Declaration of Independence.

4.) From CBCastaldo:

Filled my in-laws yard with rubber ducks, stuffed ducks, and other assorted duck items.

5.) From GoldNinja9846:

My identical twin and I are going to switch classes tomorrow! Hopefully they don’t realize

6.) From omega_ix9:

I'm going to Krispy Kreme, taking a picture of me at home eating a doughnut, and email it out to my co-workers letting everyone know I brought doughnuts to work.

7.) From beanburritobee:

April Fool's Day technically starts at midnight. My husband finishes work at midnight and drives home alone. I work mornings so I spend nights at home. I took the time to build a giant cockroach scarecrow in our kitchen, left the kitchen lamp on, and went to bed. It waits for him.

8.) From xfocalinx:

walk around all day with my fly down and my shoe untied..whenever someone notices, ill reply with 'Har har april fools.. I'm not falling for that one!'

9.) From tacothepugpuppy:

Since I'm going to be attending classes through zoom tomorrow. I prepared a video that I'll be playing during class that has me glitching out , my dog randomly appearing in the background, etc. I'll be playing those video by having the green screen option on during class and I'll have a green piece of fabric covering my camera. Tried it in a few personal/friend calls, works like a charm

10.) From KayaXiali:

I made glasses of milk for my kids’ breakfast that are actually white jello.

11.) From brittabe:

Switched the calendar to April in my (preschool) classroom, but turned all the numbers upside down. Going to go in tomorrow and pretend like I see absolutely nothing wrong with the numbers, then watch a bunch of 4&5 year olds lose their minds. It's the little things.

12.) From owo_is_just_a_face:

Food coloring in the kettle

My parents often drink tea in the morning. They're really hard to prank on, so I hope this one works

13.) From eeyoremarie:

I have play dough dried and measured to match sticks of gum. Whoever is stealing my gum will learn that yes, I've noticed.

14.) From flpacsnr:

At the end of my shift, I will be placing a bunch of googly eyes around work and on peoples photos. Each year 2nd and 3rd shift combine forces to dupe the 1st shift.

15.) From marvin_the_monkey:

my entire class is changing their zoom pictures and names to our professors picture and name

16.) From gnapster:

I made cut outs of cockroaches and placed them inside a few lamp shades. Very real looking and appropriately sized for Texas.

The most hilarious part is: I have misplaced one cut out so at some point in the future, after I've forgotten about it, I'll find it myself and freak out.

17.) From spacecake007:

A girl from Tinder is coming over for dinner. When she arrives, I’m going to tell her that my parents are coming and can’t wait to see her.

18.) From SamuraiBinky:

The timeless tradition of leaving a bowl half full of Skittles and half full of M&M’s.

19.) From Lugbor:

Macaroni noodles under the nubs on the bottom of the toilet seat. Doesn’t lift it high enough to be noticed, but makes a satisfying crunch when someone sits on it. Makes them think they broke the seat.

20.) From uke_duke:

My dad's current favorite flavor of Gatorade is the neon greenish yellow one. I conveniently finished the pickles the other day and saved the juice.....

21.) From Which-Interview-9336:

I put crime scene tape around my boss’s office and drew an outline of a body with chalk on the carpet. Then I just put on my best terrified face when she walked in.

22.) From naranghim:

Absolutely nothing, except give concerned glances to my target and/or just give them a wicked grin. I'll let them convince themselves I did something to them, without actually doing anything. I've done it before and it is really effective.

Sources: Reddit
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