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Man makes wife wrap her own Christmas presents; says, 'I hate wrapping up presents.'

Man makes wife wrap her own Christmas presents; says, 'I hate wrapping up presents.'


AITA for making my wife wrap her own Christmas presents

I (32M) hate wrapping up presents. That's why I usually just either get stuff gift wrapped at the store or put gifts in a gift bag with some tissue paper. My wife (30) hates when her gifts aren't wrapped up pretty so she can take pictures of them to post.

A couple of the gifts I got her this year are from online merchants that don't do gift wrapping. She saw me putting them in gift bags and made a face. She said she really wanted them wrapped up nice.

We have had this discussion many times. My father was a cheap bastard that used to scream at my mom for wasting money on gift wrapping. I like gift bags because they can be reused. I literally get like a panic attack thinking about wrapping a gift. Yes I know it's stupid. Yes I have therapy to deal with my many many issues.

So she ended up wrapping her own gifts. But she is mad at me for 'not making an effort'. She said I need to get over it and just man up and learn to wrap gifts.


The reason I left the gifts I ordered online in the shipping boxes is because my wife likes to open stuff. I don't know why. She took the boxes out of the bags and then wrapped the shipping boxes. She didn't want to remove them from the shipping boxes until she opens them.

Here's how people judged OP:

Jazz_Minn writes:

NTA. OP did 'wrap' the presents by putting them into gift bags. A totally normal and acceptable way to 'wrap' presents.

musicman0359 writes:

YTA. Make an effort. It doesn't take much effort to learn how to wrap things and it's your wife not worth it?

Longjumping-Hawk4871 OP responded:

F**k you

Top_Barnacle9669 writes:

Oh I get that, but I still think you could have got someone to wrap these last two for you. Its important to her

Longjumping-Hawk4871 OP responded:

They came three days before Christmas and it is -40 out.

SecretJealous4342 writes:

I'm recommending he divorce the crazy insta obsessed woman.

Longjumping-Hawk4871 OP responded:

Seriously dude. Cut this out.

anniedarknight9 writes:

NTA. Many of the top comments haven’t seen your edit. Your wife prefers the gifts to be in the shipping boxes. Only 2/11 weren’t “wrapped.” Which by the way, are these smallish gifts or what? Never have I ever gotten anyone 11 gifts. Do you get 11 gifts lol

Longjumping-Hawk4871 OP responded:

The two gifts that were in gift bags were each about the size of a small toaster oven. And no I didn't get 11 gifts. But that's okay. I buy whatever I want during the year. It was one of the first things I worked on with my therapist.

heartthumper writes:

NTA But in the future, maybe you could look into Furoshiki It's Japanese wrapping with cloth instead of paper: economical and reusable but also cute and you could add reusable floral picks for decoration. If that still doesn't fit the bill, then the complaint isn't about you not putting in effort and is instead a specific aesthetic.

Longjumping-Hawk4871 OP responded:

One of the very first comments was about this. I am going to look into it for Valentine's Day.

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