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Woman insists on hosting Christmas because 'poor' SIL's house is 'so f***ing tiny.'

Woman insists on hosting Christmas because 'poor' SIL's house is 'so f***ing tiny.'


'AITA for pushing my husband to insist we host Christmas again over his sister?'

My husband is one of 3 siblings and they usually rotate who hosts Christmas. It’s usually the same people who go every year give or take a few. It is: My husband and I with our 2 kids, his sister and husband with their 3 kids, his younger brother and his daughter, his mom and dad, grandma, usually an aunt and uncle and maybe a cousin or 2.

'Not to mention his brother in-laws parents and maybe a sibling come too.'

I really don’t want to sound like I’m this type of person because I don’t judge anybody on their house size or their wealth, but the issue is that his sisters house is so f**king tiny it’s uncomfortable for everyone there. It actually isn’t even an individual house but it is half of a duplex type.

There will be about 20 people coming this year and I just think it’s ridiculous for her to insist on hosting. They also have a large Great Dane that is on top of everyone, well actually everyone is on top of everyone. I shit you not that half of the guests have to sit on the living room floor to eat.

Usually the older relatives sit at the 4 person dining table, a few people sit on the couch, and the rest of us are standing or sitting on the floor with our plates of food. OH, and the last big kicker is that there is only ONE bathroom that constantly smells like s**t.

My kids always complain about going to this aunt's house because of the reasons I listed. I am siding with them and I said I would talk to dad about us volunteering to host. We don’t live in a mansion, but we can comfortably fit all the guests and we have more than 1 bathroom.

Husband doesn’t want to because he says it will hurt his sisters feelings and she already knows how poor they are and this would be rubbing it in her face. I don’t think that should be the case. I think she should want the family to be comfortable.

I’m sure she must know we don’t love sitting on the floor in that cramped house. I’m not sure if I sound like a spoiled b*tch a**hole right now or if I’m right.

Here's what people had to say:

msdu5276769 writes:

YTA. Instead of dismissing your SIL as being inadequate to host, why don't you offer to bring over a folding table and some chairs? You can help to make her house more comfortable.

Housethrowawayait OP says:

I guess that would solve some problems

dumbusernameistaken writes:

Idk. I’m kinda with OP. Gross bathrooms are a pet peeve. Why invite people over and not make your house presentable?? You don’t have to just! No one will think less of you!!


Housethrowawayait OP says:

It’s not a gross bathroom. she keeps it clean. With one bathroom and 20 people, it can start to smell.

sparrowhawk75 writes:

Info: if your sister in law wants to host but physically doesn't have the space, why don't you offer to co-host? Let her prepare the meal but in your home. That way people are comfortable, but your sister in law still gets to prepare a meal for the family.

Housethrowawayait OP says:

That’s a really great idea!

Street-Lock-8253 writes:

You could also just not go. That way everyone wins.

Housethrowawayait OP says:

I don’t think anyone wins if we don’t go we still want to be with family

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