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16 household items that having more than one of will make people think you're 'weird'.

16 household items that having more than one of will make people think you're 'weird'.


Sometimes you get obsessed with things like beanie babies or Pokemon cards. Other times it's kind of weird and maybe having more than one is a problem. On a popular Reddit thread in the Ask Reddit Subreddit, people list the things that are not okay to have more than one of.

OP asks:

What items are normal to have one of but very concerning to have more than one of?

1. Sallysthename says:

Ask my wife and her army of Mini waffle makers

2. KingBill902 says:

Driver's license. Having one in your wallet is fine, having a hundred in a shoe box in your attic is apparently kinda creepy.

3. whazzat says:

I met a guy on Tinder a few years back. He had 21 clocks in his apartment, all set to different times, all the wrong time. He said the only time that mattered was now.

MrPhilLashio adds:

I think you went on a date with a reformed Captain Hook.

4. salomown says:

Toilets in a bathroom.

5. Kaiju_Toast says:

Authentic human skeleton.

6. Gulbahar-00 says:

What about pregnant people.

7. jackasspenguin says:

Copies of the Wu-Tang Clan’s Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.

8. bipolar-butterfly says:

I feel like I'd be weirded out if someone had a ton of toasters.

9. FrenchMaisNon says:

Antonio Banderas Blowup Doll

10. AceOfHeartz77 says:

'Above the Law' on DVD starring Steven Segal.

11. Expatriot_II says:


12. YourRegularNormalDud says:

A copy of Mein Kampf. Maybe not perfectly normal to have one but I know a lot of normal people read it to learn about the way Hitler thought. But the moment I’d go into a house and see two copies ? That’s a no no from me.

13. QueenJules01 says:

Wedding Ring

14. ShadowCat-XD says:

Doors leading to the basement

15. GuitarsRgreat says:

One passport, good to go. Two passports, who are you trying to fool? With three passports, you're definitely up to no good.

16. southwest_southwest says:

A wand. Only one wand per witch/wizard unless you win it from an opponent.

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