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Woman's ex boss hijacks her funeral, cuts off family, gives speech about being her 'hero.'

Woman's ex boss hijacks her funeral, cuts off family, gives speech about being her 'hero.'


"My MIL's ex boss decided to make her funeral all about him"


My mother-in-law passed last Christmas eve. Sadly, she had been battling cancer and was in remission. She took a fall and broke her pelvis. She had an internal bleed and the doctors didn't notice it, so that's how she passed.

It was so sudden and when we got the news, my husband and I were scrambling to find our way up there because we lived across the country and our only vehicle was a super old pick up that busted just before this happened. Because of this, we weren't able to be a part of the funeral planning but thankfully made it up there the day before with the help of his best friend.

The viewing and the funeral were the same day, so as we walked into the funeral home, my husband noticed her ex boss. We'll call him Greg. Cause that's his name. I truly don't give a single care if he sees this. Hi, Greg! You're a egotistical monster!

Some info about her ex boss. He was a giant jerk. She worked with him for the county and paid bills for different social service organizations and was the go between for CPS. This man was so useless and she hated him with a PASSION.

He would call her his "work wife" (much to her chagrin) and joke that he couldn't do anything without her. And he couldn't. She was doing both her and his job. She even built the database that the entire county uses to track all of the money spent on the various bills.

(Side note from my husband, "Yet she couldn't work the remote. Love you, mom, but you couldn't" 😂) After she left, the secretary that replaced her ended up getting Greg fired because she quickly found out that he couldn't do his job because my mother-in-law had been doing it for him.

She worked for him during the 00s when my husband was in high school (this is important) during this time her husband, my father-in-law, was diagnosed with cancer. He battled it for years but eventually he passed away from it in January 2011.

The only reason my mother-in-law put up with his nonsense and the job was because she needed the health insurance for her husband's chemo since he couldn't work. Which Greg took full advantage of because he knew she couldn't afford to lose her job.

During the times he fought and she had to take off of work to care for him, her boss would send her home with work because he couldn't do any of it himself. Her husband was dying from cancer and he was still sucking every last drop of work out of her he could.

He was and is still a very horrible, horrible person. So fast forward to the funeral. She hadn't worked for him in, like, 6 years and to see him there was just a slap to the face.

Now, I'm not sure how funeral processions work in other countries, but in The States, there is a very specific order. First, obviously is the hearse. And after that is the closest living relatives.

Since my husband was an only child and his father had already passed, he was the closest living relative. Now, she did have three brothers so they followed in the car behind ours. Then her cousin, then everyone else.

As we are all making our way to the cemetery, I see someone cut in front of her brothers. I turn around and lo and behold, it's her ex boss. I was livid. He then tried to cut in front of us!! Like, who in the world does this?? You are her ex boss that she hated. My husband and her brothers were her FAMILY. And I thought it couldn't get worse, but it did.

So, since we couldn't make it up there until the day before the funeral, we didn't have a say in the preacher who did her eulogy. He was pretty bad. He stumbled on his words, he quarter a$$ed it, and obviously didn't know anything about her.

It was so awkward. But after he spoke, before my husband gets a chance to stand up and speak about her, HER EX BOSS GETS UP. He starts talking about Maria and all the work that she did working for him and how she did everything and she was his work wife. Gag.

And he talked at length about his work with the county and how they help the community and just kept patting himself on the back. But the ever loving icing on the garbage cake was he said that her work for him (when my husband was a teenager) DIRECTLY INSPIRED her to adopt my husband from Paraguay when he was a BABY.

Like... You're so self absorbed that you think that what you do is so important that it inspired her to adopt 15 years earlier?? I was squeezing my husband's hand so hard during all this that I was about to break it.

We didn't say anything out of respect for his mom. But this is why I say when I die, please tell everyone I hate off. 😂 Let them know exactly how I felt and even throw hands. Idgaf.

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You told your story very well and let me just say, Greg if you are reading this someone in Texas also think you are a big idiot, FY Greg for not being a good human.

The OP responded here:


We actually just moved back to his childhood home from Texas. So I've got a few people in Texas that hate him for that, too!


Over here in England and goodness me that Greg is a self absorbed nincompoop. Sadly people like him NEED to feel some sort of validation and will get it regardless of anyone else and in this case.. standing up at a funeral. I suggest keeping tabs for when he passes and going to HIS funeral and standing up and recounting when he was an idiot at your MIL’s funeral. What a idiot.


Hit home because my jealous Sisters did the same by removing my husband of 40 years from the video of my moms with all the photos of her life They allowed a few of me and my 2 children but my husband was one of my Moms favorite people and he was no where in there FY J and D I haven’t thought of you two in years but reading this, yep, I remember. But once again letting it go.


When you mentioned how he talked about the work your MIL and "he" did - it sounded to me like he knew he was going to get fired and was trying to do a verbal LinkedIn eulogy in the hopes someone would think he'd be a great hire.

So, who in the world does something like that? How would you react?

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