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Customer insists employee's purse is hers, rips it from her hands. Pic included.

Customer insists employee's purse is hers, rips it from her hands. Pic included.


"Entitled customer goes nuts because we won't sell her MY purse"


So, for the last dozen years or so I have been carrying this gorgeous vintage designer bag I found online (I think I bought it in 2010). I love it and I will carry it until it falls apart. I get a ton of compliments on it. And it also caused this one crazy story.

I spent 3 years working in an Ivy League college town upscale clothing boutique that catered to wealthy college students and their parents and tourists. We didn't sell anything like this bag but I suppose I can see where it would have fit in with the things we did sell.

One afternoon I was getting ready to leave for my lunch break and I had put this vintage bag on the counter while I was putting my coat on. An expensively dressed woman who had just walked up to the counter picked up my bag and asked my co-worker who was at the register how much it was.

I walked over and politely took it from her and said it was my personal bag and it wasn't for sale. She literally snatched it out of my hands and WENT OFF on both of us. The bag was sitting on the counter, it had to be for sale.

It was obviously much too fancy and expensive a bag for a retail loser to own and oh, didn't we just wish we were Ivy League students like her precious babies. Which was actually funny because I didn't work there because I needed the money.

I worked there as a favor to the owner who was a friend of the family, basically as a fill-in for one of her full time employees who had a chronic illness and called in sick a lot. It allowed her to keep the other worker rather than letting her go for someone more reliable.

This entitled woman probably really would have flipped if I had told her that my husband was a professor at our beloved Ivy League school and I could easily afford that bag, thank you very much.

So yadda yadda yadda, this woman just kept screaming at us. She wanted that bag so badly! She absolutely refused to believe it belonged to me. She started screaming about wanting to see the manager or the owner and didn't believe my co-worker when she informed the woman that she WAS the store manager.

We finally told her if she didn't give me back my bag and leave the store, we were going to call the authorities. She refused, so police were called. Authorities got there and the entitled woman got even worse and doubled down on her particular form of insanity.

She told them that it was HER bag and she had brought it in with her and that WE were trying to steal it from HER. The officer took the bag away from her and opened it up and dumped all the contents on the counter.

My cell phone, which of course I knew the passcode to and she didn't. Prescription medication bottles in my name. My checkbook. And everything else I carried on a daily basis. How she had failed to recognize just from the weight of the bag that it had stuff in it, I don't know.

You could see the fear creeping into her face as the authorities came up with one item after another that proved the bag was mine. When he got to my wallet and pulled out what was clearly my license the woman jerked away from the second cop who had a hand on her arm and pretty much ran out of the store.

I kind of wish they had gone after her, but apparently they didn't think the situation warranted it because they just asked us if we considered it worth pursuing her and pressing charges. Sadly, in that moment, we didn't want to be bothered. We just wanted it to be over so we could go on with our day.

I wish now that we had; she needed to be taught a lesson, or be forced to get mental help. She wasn't the only crazy entitled customer we ever got, but she was one of the most memorable.

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Well now I gotta see this bag!


You mean the crazy woman who tried to steal OP’s purse??

The OP provided a link to a picture of her bag.


Here is a picture of my bag.


The double-downers always blow my mind. I'm shocked she stayed long enough to see the whole cops thing through, that usually sends them running. Must be one hell of a purse.


I’m guessing she is used to getting her way and the threat f the cops meant nothing, because, ya know, she’s special and above everything. Even the law.

So, pretty wild retail experience. Has anyone who works sales had to deal with anything like this?

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