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Man told he is welcome to leave work for child's birth, but he can't come back.

Man told he is welcome to leave work for child's birth, but he can't come back.


Deciding between the job you need to care for your child and being able to be there for their birth is a choice no parent should ever have to make.

One man received the call that his wife had gone into labor when he was at work. His boss told him he could leave, but he would be leaving permanently.

My employer forced me to miss out on the birth of my daughter


I have been dealing with terrible communication from my boss since recently starting new employment. For reference, I work in a laboratory as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry.

I was in the middle of work when I got the text from my wife that she was on her way to the hospital, with the baby on the way, even though she was due to be induced in a couple of weeks.

I tried to call a coworker and got no response, of course, and my boss threatened to fire me if I missed my shift. Is it really that important? My boss made me choose between losing my job and seeing the birth of my daughter. And because I’m desperate to keep this job, now with a baby, I chose work.

To top it all off, even though I make decent money, I won’t be getting any paid time off with my daughter. That’s what it’s like being a worker in America, I guess. Just needed somewhere to rant.

Here are the top comments from readers:


I'm in the biotech/Pharmaceutical industry as well, I've never had this experience with any company I've ever worked with. And my coworkers that have kids or had kids when employed never had this happen to them. Also many companies are now doing paid paternal leave now

I'll say this, f*ck that boss, also our industry is DESPERATE for people, you should start looking for a new company. And you'll find one very quick. If you feel comfortable can you DM Me your state, Maybe we could connect on LinkedIn and get you someplace better.


I know a accounting/finance guy working for a big employer who got a call that his wife was in a car accident in the freeway/highway. The manager wouldn’t let him leave work to go check on/help his wife. yah. Screw that.


I would do everything in my power to make that bosses life a living hell during your time left there. I would immediately start searching for another job. I'd leave a glass door review detailing your experience and I would probably go to HR to throw your boss under the bus for being an subhuman piece of sh*t.


I’ve said this before many times in this sub Reddit. If you being at work is so critical that you cannot miss any work, you are highly underpaid.


Also want to add, probably despite what your boss thinks, you are entitled to 12 weeks Family Medical Leave for the birth of your child. (assuming your company is qualified) You need to contact your HR department and report that supervisor as well as look for another job.

What would advise this husband and new father do? Should he file a complaint? Quit? Try to muscle through the job for his newborn?

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