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Woman's denied day off for surgery because coworker asked for vacation day first.

Woman's denied day off for surgery because coworker asked for vacation day first.


'No you cant have your surgery, because someone from another dept will be on vacation.'


I’m finally resigning from this job. I will never forget when my supervisor denied me Two sick days (I had 20 days left). I told her about the surgery in May, but the surgery was scheduled for September.

The reason was because someone from another dept requested a vacation for that week, but that person has NOTHING to do with my dept or my duties. Also, she could’ve covered for me because we both hold the same certifications, etc.

She even said tell your doctor to change your date to a later time. Excuse me! I had to have a polyp removed from my uterus that caused my miscarriage. Sickening.

Edit: while I was having a miscarriage at work, I needed to have bloodwork the next day to confirm. I start my work day at 9 am, I went to Labcorp at 8 am. My supervisor was blowing up my phone telling me please don’t be late, and am I done yet? All this while I was miscarrying.

Edit 2: after I had my polyp removal surgery, while I was in the PACU she was blowing up my phone to let me know that there were some things that needed to be typed that she will place them on my desk upon my return; didn’t even ask how I felt.

True sociopath. Glad I’m out next week.

The OP then returned very quickly with an update.



Thank you for all your replies, I appreciate all of them. This situation happened a year ago, after the removal of my polyp we successfully conceived. I went on FMLA for maternity leave, and now I’m resigning this week. Meanwhile, two other people resigned while I was on maternity, and now I’m leaving. Now she will be the only person in this dept.

Also, when I was pregnant, she wanted a note for all my medical appointments, one time she tried to deny me an appointment for my NT scan at 12 weeks. I said well I don’t care I’m going to my appointment, she called HR on me and I told them I’m going, and I went.

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Surgery = sick leave.

You just take it.


And you need the day off before to prep. And I’m thinking at least a week of recovery. That’s 10 of your sick days.


Don’t resign, make them deal with it.


Sounds like you're gonna take those 20 days to recover from the surgery. Let them fire you, any lawyer worth their salt would salivate at that lawsuit.

Do not ask, inform them in writing and take your time to heal. You are entitled to that time, your manager can go f*ck a Cactus


Talk to a lawyer because this is likely discrimination under state or federal law.


As a European, I find this bizarre. When you’re sick, you’re sick. How can you have an assigned number of sick days? How can you not be permitted to take them? What a dystopian hellscape working in the US is.


You’re a better person than me. I’d have told my boss where to go and what to rotate on when they got there.


You don't ever delay an important medical appointment for your job, and any employer who suggests otherwise is scum.

Does denying the OP's request seem fair? Does she have any legal grounds to retaliate?

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