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'AITA for hiding my roommate's laptop outside to get back at him, and it got stolen?' UPDATED

'AITA for hiding my roommate's laptop outside to get back at him, and it got stolen?' UPDATED


"AITA for hiding my friends laptop because he imposed restrictions on me in my house?"

This is my first year in college. Everything is working out fine EXCEPT for my roommate. Ever since I moved here I just can’t stand him. Why? I can write a whole story about why I despise this person but I don’t wanna keep this long so I will just mention the key points.

1.) He is really messy. His room is a total mess (not that I sleep there but I don’t have TV in my room and sometimes have to go to his room for it. NOTE that we are paying equal rent so he isn’t doing me a favor for it).

2.) He used to not even wash his plates until I told him I am not washing for him.

3.) He would leave a mess everywhere until I had to explain to him like he is a little kid as to why it’s not good to have a dirty house.

4.) Bathroom smells horrible whenever he leaves it. He can’t even clean the toilet after use.

Luckily though, I would rarely see him because I would spend most of my times at either the library, gym or with friends or my girlfriend after classes. Now though, because of what is happening, I must stay in the house which is killing me. I now have to work out and study at home. I like to jump the rope as a cardio exercise for 10-15 minutes which can make some noise.

2 days ago, while I was exercising he told me to stop jumping rope and find something else because I make too much noise. I got so pissed off because I never complain when he does things that bother me but now he can’t even handle some noise for 10 minutes? I told him I won’t stop so he just went back to his room. Yesterday though when I wanted to work out again I couldn’t find my rope.

I asked him if he has seen it and told me he HID IT from me and will give it back to me when he finishes studying as he can’t concentrate. I got so pissed off because again IT’S JUST 10-15 MINUTES, maybe 20 with breaks in between. I never complain when he bothers me but he can’t even handle this. Because of this, I hid his laptop when he was out today.

While I was working out, he asked me if I had seen his laptop and I told him I will give it to him after I finish working out. He said he has an online exam tomorrow and that he needs it now to revise but I refused to give it. I’m physically stronger than him so he can’t do me anything either. He just went back to his room.

Well. When I finished working out he asked for the laptop back. I went outside to get it but I couldn’t find it anymore. I think someone must have stolen it. I told him I couldn’t find it and he told me that if I don’t give his laptop back today he will press charges on me but he has no proof so I doubt it will work.

He is blaming me for stealing his laptop but I just hid it because he tried imposing restrictions on me. I didn’t know it will get stolen. Today I even caught him stalking me on social media. I called him out on this.

AITA for this? Or did he go too far?

What do you think? AITA? Here's what top commenters had to say:

4games1 said:

YTA. You hid his laptop OUTSIDE where it could be stolen. It is your fault his laptop was stolen. You are FULLY TO BLAME.

IguanaSkinPanties said:

YTA and he has a much better case than you think. You straight up told him you took it. Are you planning to perjure yourself? Because that’s the only way you’re not going to be paying for that laptop. The police might even be interested in arresting you and charging you with a crime.

Derpy7664 said:

YTA for hiding it outside. WHY WOULD YOU EVER HID A LAPTOP OUTSIDE. Like I get you were pissed but your in the wrong for this whole thing. You both should've set a time for you to work out that does interrupt his studying. But no you hid it outside you best buy that boy a new laptop

arazutas said:

YTA. You hid a laptop OUTSIDE? You talk about having to explain things to him "like a kid" and then don't understand the basic concept of not leaving expensive items out where people can easily see and access them. You owe him a new laptop, immediately.

Real question, though- if you were fine with going outside to hide a laptop, why couldn't you just go stand outside in front of your place for the "only 10-15" minutes to jump rope if you knew it was distracting him?

It sounds like you have some major hangups about your roommate and decided to take all those issues out on this one small minor thing. Being petty instead of talking about it sooner bit you in the ass. Now you have to pay up.

thotiwestbrook said:

YTA. He’s not exactly roommate of the year and shouldn’t have hid your jump rope, but your fuck up is so big that he gets a break. You need to replace his laptop. He can call the police and they may very well decide to go forward with charges or he can sue civilly. Most cases rely primarily on testimony. You’ve been watching too much CSI if you think it’s 100% necessary to have something more.

AcaciaJules said:

Wait, who freaking CLEANS A TOILET after using it! Bathrooms sometimes stink after someone uses it. Same thing happens when YOU use it. And you STOLE HIS LAPTOP. You put it OUTSIDE. He has every RIGHT to go to the police! I hope he does, because WTF. YTA. To a MASSIVE degree.

Verdict: YTA. "To a MASSIVE degree."

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