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16 former students share the dumbest rule they were forced to follow in school.

16 former students share the dumbest rule they were forced to follow in school.


Raising your hand in order to go throw out your trash at lunch, 'no applause' in the cafeteria, and 'no pajamas allowed as gym pants'--some school rules make everyone wonder who was creative enough to break it in the first place...

So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What's the dumbest rule you had in school?' people were ready to share the ridiculous school rules that still bother them well into adulthood.


We could not touch each other. All physical contact was banned. - MyrMilfordMeanswell


In primary school, we weren't allowed to put our rubbish from our lunches in the bin. I distinctly remember being in an assembly, where there headteacher said 'your lunchbox is your bin.' I mean, did she think the bins we're for decoration? So stupid - Jorden99


The boys weren’t allowed to wear shorts at my middle school, but the girls could wear ‘culottes’ (basically shorts with a fancy name). One day about a hundred boys came to school wearing culottes. The Man had it stuck to him hard that day - ShavenWookie


School-mandated haircuts. It was only for the boys, by the way. For the girls, so long as you didn't color your hair other than its natural hair color, you were good.

Check up was every Monday, when we were lined up (according to height) for the flag ceremony because the school president wanted to share 'all the good news' with us, which ranged from positive events, to one of their staff and students winning awards, etc.

The prefect was very strict about it, but the teachers weren't so we'd just skip mornings every few Mondays so we didn't have to get a haircut. - Mist3rTryHard


No water bottles because a few girls 4 years ago snuck vodka into the bathroom. - thelastdodobird01


They boys were not allowed to have doors on our stalls (we had a brick wall about 4ft high between toilets with nothing in front). They said boys would ruin them. - FutureSeniorCitizen


In 3rd grade we had to have 'play mates' It basically meant that we couldn't play with our friends on the breaks/recess, we had to play in a group, that group was filled with students from other classes too, not fun. - Gagnef03


In grade school we were told not to use spoons. Only babies used spoons. Yet they gave us spoons. - pkimbrel


No one could wear Joe's Crab Shack shirts. At first it was just the tie-dye ones that said, 'Peace, Love & Crabs.'

Because of the implication of sex and pubic lice I suppose? It was a stretch. But then they expanded to any Joe's Crab Shack shirts.

My friend had to wear a PE shirt all day because her shirt was a Joe's Crab Shack shirt. It didn't have 'offensive' slogan on it. It just had a picture of a crab and the restaurant's name. She still had to change shirts. She was so embarrassed because no one wants to wear your PE shirt all day. - DefectiveCat57


In elementary school, we couldn't kick a ball at recess because the school was afraid we would kick the balls to the top of the building. - xxSovietRaptorxx


No Simpsons anything. This was when it premiered, and there was this national scare that Bart was a bad influence. There were to popular Bart shirts that were banned, one that said 'I'm Bart Simpson, who the hell are you?' and another that said 'Bart Simpson, underachiever and proud of it'

This eventually evolved into banning all Simpsons shirts, school supplies, stickers, etc. after some of the teachers started watching the show. - dougiebgood


At my grade school we weren’t allowed to wear ankle socks. You would get detention if you did. - [deleted]


No eating outside the cafeteria—this was to reduce litter in the hallways but our school cafeteria could only fit 100-ish people so everyone ignored it. They tried enforcing it by “guarding” the cafeteria doors so those buying lunch couldn’t leave but then people just stopped buying school lunch - Glissando365


My middle school banned hugs. At least, they banned front hugs--the rule was against 'chest to chest' contact, regardless of context or gender. No chest bumps after a game. Several girls got in trouble for hugging their female friends goodbye after school. It was a strange place. - proof_by_abduction


We couldn’t wear winter clothing in class (coats, gloves, hats). Even with the heat on, it got cold in the winter inside the school so we just had to freeze.

They said it was because winter clothing were gang symbols. This was a farm town in Wisconsin. - gouwbadgers


No one was allowed to have or say the word 'Dr. Pepper' because it was the password to a shared Brazzers account the administration found out about. - Kandranos

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