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16 people share the worst thing they ever saw on someone else's phone.

16 people share the worst thing they ever saw on someone else's phone.


While it's never okay to violate a stranger or loved one's privacy, seeing some piping hot tea or awkward information not meant for your eyes can be hard to recover from...

If you suspect that your partner is cheating or lying to you, is it technically within your rights to creep through their texts? Let the debate begin! So, when a Reddit user asked, 'What is the worst thing you have found on someone else's phone?' people were ready to share the worst things they've discovered while snooping or accidentally gazing at the wrong screen at the wrong time.


I was trying to help my friend change their phone case and a cockroach fell out. - eclairsemmie


My boss telling his second in command all the things he loved doing to her during their affair. Her phone was just on the table and up popped the message. I wish I'd not read it - mrscrabbyrob


Not me but a bartender friend of mine found a phone unlocked on the bar and couldn’t locate its owner so he punched in his own phone number and found out he was already in the contacts as ‘Creepy Jay’ - bigmikesbeingnice


I’m a dental hygienist. A long-term patient of mine wanted to show me pictures of he & his fiancé's new puppy! Instead, he showed me two dick pics - heyitsbev


Not a phone. But I used to work IT for a mid sized corporation. An executive handed me his computer once to fix some issue and had left open a spreadsheet with every employee's pay. A rough way to find out I was the lowest paid person in the company. - breadmo


Found texts from my gf's secret lover. This was in the early 2000's, when phones were still super primitive. Her phone had that Snake game on it, and mine didn't, so I would occasionally use her phone to play Snake. The game would get interrupted if someone texted though. And sure enough, while I was playing, her secret lover texted her. I saw it, and then couldn't help myself and had to read the rest of the texts between them. Absolutely crushed me. - alwaysmyfault


Images from a hidden camera in my office. - MarkyMark19902020


I found I love you texts on my mom's phone to my boyfriend's dad……..while my parents were still together. - Longjumping-Act-3159


Before we were dating, my girlfriend showed me a conversation from Tinder with a guy who wanted to pay to touch/sniff her feet. She never actually met up with him, but would kinda string him along a bit because the messages were funny to read. Anyway I scrolled down just a little and he said something like “1k to sniff your butthole” - DangerStan


A friend once handed me a thumb drive to get a document. It had several full frontal nudes of him. He was, and is, a large built man. Think of a moderately tall Oompa-Loompa. - Extra-Ordinary-Joe


My nudes that I did not send to them - Panda721828


My ex wife’s iTunes on her iPhone was actually my account that I set up for my iPad, she was just too lazy to set up a new account. So I told her if she did that that her iMessages would come through to my iPad. She said she didn’t care…until she started cheating on me and I got the texts directly to my iPad - shawn615


Emails of my ex trying to meet women from craigslist for sex - Number1Barooista


An app that allowed a married man to control a vibrator my gf was wearing while around me. - Sultanofbooyeah


Photos of my own diary. My ex boyfriend had taken pictures of every entry from when I was a kid and sent them all to my parents. - cbinch


Had a client showing me a picture of a haircut they wanted. I was hovering behind him as he was flipping through pictures and the next one to the haircut ended up being, what I assume was him, but his as*hole wide open and googly eyes on his cheeks. This was the day I learned never look at the phone until the customer has their picture up and ready - AtoastedSloth

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